Have no fear…

Every now and then I find myself stumped, lost, run by fear. With so much going on in my life, I still find myself having moments of insecurities and ‘not good enough’ moments. The unknown is a little frightening at times, not knowing if I’m going to succeed, plateau, or fail.

I had a nice little conversation with my Momma earlier and was reminded how far I’ve come and how much I’ve succeeded forward towards my dreams. I think what gets me into trouble at times is thinking too much into things. I have learned over the past couple of years that some things are really out of my hands and just as long as I put in the work, the Universe will do the rest. Sounds a little crazy, but it’s what works for me. Some people like to call it God, I choose to call it the Universe, energy, or the ‘Chi.’ 

Though I had a bout of anxiety earlier, I was reminded that to sit in a pity party run by fear gets little ol’ Phoebe no where. In my previous life, I constantly lived in the past. It was a fog of old memories and wishing I could change what was unchangeable. The way I live my life today is to live in the moment. Ok, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t day dream about the future sometimes. The difference is that I’m realistic about it now and believe for the most part that I can make my dreams a reality.

Sometimes our dreams seem unattainable and scary, but when we let go of fear, we open the opportunity to see our dreams become reality. I robbed myself of true potential in the past and bottled away the essence of who I was. Through a little soul searching, I learned to push fear aside. Now, remember, I am still human and revert back to old behaviors sometimes, like I did today. But, luckily I’ve developed tools over time to take a look at my fear, analyze it, learn, and move forward.

Life isn’t always easy is it? But, with the hurdles we over come, we get stronger and one step closer to our dreams. For anyone out there struggling, feeling inadequate, or like their talents aren’t of value – I am here to tell you they are. We are all placed on this planet for different reasons and each of us has our very own unique gift to share. I’ve always had that inner voice saying, ‘Phoebe, you are an artist,’ I just choose to ignore it at different times in my life. I started drawing when I was little, moved to painting, photography, and finally realized what gets me most excited is the art of fashion. I think of my body as a blank canvas, waiting to be painted every day by my lovely clothes and accessories. I have found through thrifting that I could maintain and afford this ‘art’ of mine. It has been a beautiful journey in recent years realizing that this is my gift and talent. I love everything about styling, from the colors, clothes, to the way an outfit can take someone from sad to giddy. Now, that’s a beautiful thing to me. 

Have no fear – your gift will be heard, if you let it… 


Just for fun, here’s some recent vignettes of my life:





Last week to submit to Thrift Store Runway for your chance to win $100!

Hello my fellow thrift store fashionistas! This is the last week to submit your best thrifted outfit for $50 and under on Thrift Store Runway. Every month Thrift Store Runway rewards 5 lucky winners with $100. ($500 if they get 50 or more entries!) I have been lucky and won twice now!

It’s as easy as picking out a fabulous thrifted outfit for $50 and under, take a photo in it, and click on the link below and submit!

Good luck and happy thrifting! Let me know if you have any questions :)


The Dress Fiend



Here are the 2 outfits that I’ve won in:


I know I’m the Dress Fiend and all, but on occasion I do like a nice pair of trousers!

If you were to ask me, “hey Phoebe, would you rather wear a dress or pants?” I’d say, “A DRESS!!!!” It’s just what I tend to feel most comfortable in. Recently, however, I have been attempting to be a little more casual. A venturing out of my comfort zone if you will.

On some recent trips to le thrift stores I have purposefully avoided the dress section and perused the pant/blouse sections instead. I guess I realized there was an imbalance in my wardrobe when I counted 106 dresses and only 7 pairs of pants! Ummm, hi my name is Phoebe and I’m a dressaholic???

I’m happy to report that I’ve been successful at avoiding the dresses and purchased a couple pairs of pants and shirts! Lucky for me, I even found a pair of Marc Jacobs pants and really cool black and white striped pants! Stylish and functional, who would of thought?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be heading to SF and SOOO excited. My friend taking me even offered to chauffeur me around to different thrift stores of my liking. Pretty awesome right?! See, I’ll be able to put my casual pant look to good use. I think I might even wear flats. I can’t believe I just said that out loud! – Happy thrifting :)

Below are 3 different pant casual options I’ve come up with recently:


Outfits from top to bottom:

1.) Scarf ($7) BCBG striped shirt ($13) Express jeans ($10) Vintage red purse ($10) and red Italian heels ($9) – All pieces from Freestyle Clothing Exchange located at 2101 L street webpage: http://www.freestyleclothing.com/

2.) Necklace my SUPER talented Momma made ($0) Banana Republic blouse (Goodwill $5) Striped pants (SPCA thrift $12) Black belt (Deseret Industries $1) never before worn Ninewest black heels (Freestyle $15)

* I go to the Goodwill located at 1621 L street

* The SPCA I frequent is located at 1517 E street (great place for vintage shoes!)

* Deseret Industries is located at 3000 Auburn Blvd.

3.) Necklace my mom also made, told she was talented! ($0) J.Crew silk top (Freestyle $12) Marc Jacobs pants (Freestyle $14) Fedora (Goodwill $3) Steve Madden flats (Goodwill $5)

Sacramento Antique Faire fun

This past Sunday I had the privilege of spending it with my dear friend, Ravenna, that I’ve known for 17 years. Ravenna and I decided to go the Sacramento Antique Faire. Well, she had no choice! It’s quite literally my favorite thing to do in Sac. But, lucky for me, Ravenna is an avid vintage/thrift lover as well. 

We walked around reminiscing about our younger years and how we used to shop at this thrift store called ‘Rag Bag’ in Junior High. In my opinion, Rag Bag was the coolest store in Midtown Sac back in the day. Laurie, the owner, was to me the hippest lady I knew and I was in LOVE with her thrift store. It was only a couple blacks away from my house and I was there all the time. I actually still have a necklace and a Mohair suit from the store. My vintage/thrifting ways go way back! Some things never change ;)

Ravenna and I perused the aisles of the Antique Faire and stumbled upon the most fabulous lady. (see pic below, she has the beautiful pink coat on) She was new to the faire and had the best selection of vintage hats and shoes. Besides having an amazing stand, she was also beautiful, elegant, and sweet as can be. Ravenna ended up finding an amazing vintage wool Halston fedora and I found two vintage Pill Box hats at her stand. I adore these hats and show case them proudly on my walls in my apartment. I can’t wait to do a photo shoot with them! 

Below are a some pictures of our little Antique adventures. Also, don’t forget to visit the Sacramento Antique Faire the 2nd Sunday of the month under the Freeway on 21st and X street. They open at 6:30 am and I suggest getting there early before all the good stuff is gone! 




Oz themed Good Day Sacramento appearance

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on Good Day Sacramento for the 5th time. Seriously, what an absolute honor! I feel soooooo lucky that they keep letting me come back to show off my thrifted fashions and to promote all my favorite thrift, vintage, and consignment stores in Sacramento.

This appearance was by far the most challenging and rewarding of the bunch. The new Oz movie has a very specific look and finding second hand clothes that matched the characters was hard! But, I love a challenge and went out of my way to find the best pieces to fit the movie. It was also very important for me to showcase a multitude of stores and I felt I did a good job of doing that.

I’d like to give a big shout out to my dear friend Andrea Lewis for doing all the models make up for the show. She’s such a talented makeup artist and I’m so thankful she was there to realize my vision for each model :)

Just in case you are wondering where I got all the clothes, below is a list of the stores:

1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange :http://www.freestyleclothing.com/ (I go to the one on 21st and L street)

2.) Deseret Industries: 3000 Auburn Blvd. The red leather skirt on the show was from there at $10 bucks!

3.) SPCA thrift: 1517 E Street

4.) Goodwill: 1621 L Street

5.) French Cuff Consignment: http://www.frenchcuffbtq.com/ (2527 J Street)

6.) Cuffs: http://www.shopcuffs.com/ (2523 J Street, suite #101)

7.) Firefly Exchange thrift: http://www.facebook.com/Thefireflyexchange (1910 P Street)

8.) Prevues (2417 K Street)

Here’s some highlight photos from the segment and the link to see it!:



It was a teal of a deal…

Yes, I love my vintage, but I also really like contemporary designers as well. One in particular is Ms Diane Von Furstenberg. About two years ago I found my first DVF at the local thrift store and ever since then I’ve been hooked. In the two years since finding my first DVF, I’ve managed to collect 8 dresses of hers and not one of them has cost me over $25! That’s incredible to me, especially when they retail anywhere from $400-500 new. I’m not trying to brag, but merely sharing to the world that if I can find them so can you! I even found one of them at a local Goodwill! This dark teal wool knit dress really was a ‘teal of a deal’ at a whopping $18!


Freestyle Clothing on 21st and L street is where I’ve found the majority of my name brand dresses. They also have a store in Citrus Heights and Roseville now. It’s one of my favorite places, check them out!

Another good place is Crossroads Trading Company by Arden Fair Mall. 2935 Arden Way

One more note: at  both of these stores people can buy, sell, or trade. I sell a lot and get trade. At Freestyle I know you get 35% cash or 50% trade.


SACFW Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter fashion show review

I’m not going to lie, there was a point this past weekend during Sac Fashion Week where I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming or not. Dreaming I was not, and my reality was quite magical and surreal. It continues to amaze me more and more everyday that when you start following your dreams how it all just starts happening. I felt very lucky and honored to be a part of SACFW and to be invited to do press for them this past week. I’d like to especially thank the beautiful and kind Bridgett Rex for inviting me and for being a ray of sunshine. You should have seen her Saturday night decked out in her lovely yellow vintage dress and sun crown. I love someone who channels and owns their individuality and that she did beautifully. :)

I sat here today going over hundreds of pictures that I took from Friday and Saturday nights shows. As I reflected back on the two nights, I was overwhelmed with happiness for the designer’s who were able to showcase their work. It takes a lot of dedication, drive, and skill to pull something like that off, and for that, I commend you all for a job very well done. I would love to write in detail about every single designer I saw, but that would take a novel. So instead I’m focusing on four that really caught my eye.

The first night was the Spring/Summer show and Maisha Bahati’s beautiful dresses were calling my name! The beautiful drape, the backless cut outs, and big bold prints had me drooling and wanting to get on stage and rip the dresses right off of the models! I’m a big fan of Diane Von Furstenburg and love her use of color and prints and especially silk jersey material. Silk jersey to me is one of the most comfy fabrics to wear, especially in a dress. It has great weight and movement and you could definitely see that in Bahati’s work. Girl, you get an A+ from me. I would have worn just about every single one of your dresses.

As for men’s wear, I was impressed by the designer of Rampant, Jason Powers. I had interviewed him at the Launch party at the Mix Sunday and heard in detail from him his inspiration for the collection. Jason had showed me two very different photographs that had inspired him and to see what he was able to come up with from those two pictures was very interesting. One picture was tribal like and the other one was a dark urban city scape. I loved how he combined the edgy with the casual. This was especially apparent to me in a pair of pants he made with long leather pockets – great detail!

As for the Fall/Winter show on Saturday night, I have to give it up to Nolan Kouri for woman’s wear and R. Douglas for men’s wear. Growing up with a seamstress of a mother, tailoring is really important to me. I really respect and admire people who make beautiful and impeccable clothes and these two designers did. Some of Kouri’s pieces were definitely 40’s inspired  in my opinion and you know I love that! That red suit that started the show nearly had me on the floor – it was absolutely stunning! Everything from the tailoring, to the jewel toned colors, to the beautifully accessorized hats had me wanting more. Mr. Kouri if you are reading this, I’d like to borrow your collection and wear them all – thank you!

Lets talk about R. Douglas. Now if there are any men out there reading this, please take note from the Pheebs: That is how a man should dress! Oh my god, if a man were to come up to me dressed like that and ask me on a date I’d be like ‘ummmm, yeah!’ Seriously, the suits were remarkably tailored and the styling was phenomenal! There was so much attention to detail that even the laces in the shoes matched either the tie or the pocket square. Seriously boys, take note from R. Douglas and get yourself a suit by him.

Here are my favorite looks from the 4 designers I just mentioned from top to bottom:


Reflecting back on this experience, I find myself very grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me. Not only did I get to witness some of the best local designers, but I also had the opportunity to meet some amazing amazing people. As I continue down this journey, I’m reminded that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. Many thanks to all the people involved with SACFW and many thanks to all the wonderful people I met this weekend. Below are some more of my favorite pieces I saw from different designers. (Top pictures are by the talented Vasily Vein (look at the intricate work in the coat!) who closed the show and third photo down is by the designer Nelli Rosh)

Other pictures included my favorite look of the night, (she was adorable and wearing a beautiful vintage suit!) pictures of the VIP party before the show underground Elks Tower, and some pictures of the wonderful people I met this weekend!

WHAT I WORE: had to represent my thrifted fashions and chose to wear a vintage floral dress from YSJ Vintage ($15) on Friday night and a beautiful silk beaded BCBG dress on Saturday night from Freestlye Clothing Exchange ($35)


Channeling my inner Hepburn

Out of all the movie stars, Audrey Hepburn is hands down my favorite. To me, she epitomized style, grace, class, and beauty. Not only was she one of the most unique and striking women of our time, but she was also a humanitarian – making her that much more incredible in my book. Not that Ms. Hepburn and I look very much a like, but we do share a similar body frame and heritage. She was Dutch too! So any chance I get to wear a look similar to something she wore; I do it!

One thing I love about clothing is the story it can create. The stories become little narratives that bring new meaning and life to the clothing that you have. I was supposed to go to a “Dessert at Tiffany’s” event a couple of weeks ago on Valentine’s Day. The event was the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, followed by dessert – perfect V-Day right? I knew I had to go on the man hunt to track down an ensemble inspired by the movie. I found the beautiful vintage Nathan Logan dress at Freestyle for $15 and the gloves at Previews for $10. The vintage shoes and pearls I already had. (SPCA thrift $10 and pearls I’ve had for years) I loved dressing ‘the part’ for this and think the clothes did a great job representing Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Sadly, my event was canceled :( But that didn’t stop me from getting dressed up and playing the part. I think if there really is an after life, Ms Hepburn and I will be friends :)

TIPS: Looking for awesome vintage? Here’s a list of some of my favorite stores for vintage pieces!:

1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange on the corner of 21st and L street. The vintage section is small, but it’s a great selection. The dress I have on in this pic is from there.

2.) YSJ Vintage located on 924 12th street. This store is fantastic for us vintage lovers! Seriously, great selection for reasonable prices.

3.) And lastly, my favorite place to find vintage. Drum roll….The Sacramento Antique Faire! I always leave with really unique pieces for great deals. Fun thing about the Antique Faire is that you can bargain! Located underneath the freeway at 21st and X street. It’s the 2nd Sunday of the month starting at 6:30 am.


It’s all in the styling…

I say have fun with your thrifted finds! Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the array of pieces ranging from vintage to contemporary. Though people think I never wear the same thing twice, I actually just accessorize the outfit differently to make it fresh and new. Really, it’s all in the way you style your outfit that makes it unique! I say be adventurous with your attire, you never know what amazing outfits you might come up with next!

I would have never imagined mixing my thrifted red turban with a romper, but here it worked. Add some vintage red shoes and a tassel necklace and we have ourselves another creative outfit inspired by my thrift store finds :)

What I wore:

Red turban, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $8

BCBG romper, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $15

Tassel necklace, Goodwill, $5

Vintage red heels, SPCA thrift, $10

TIPS: Wondering where you can find awesome accessories? Here’s a list of some of my favorite places:

1.) W.E.A.V.E. has some great accessories. Not the biggest fan of the clothes, but good jewelry. Located at 2401 Arden Way.

2.) Deseret Industries!!! Omg, I love this place soooo much. Great for everything really. But really great for jewelry, belts, shoes, scarfs, the list goes on. Located at 3000 Auburn Blvd. Please check them out.

3.) Goodwill Boutique on L street in between 16th and 17th. I only really go here on their 1/2 off day, but they have great jewelry and shoes! Next 1/2 off day is memorail Day weekend. (that Monday)