It’s all in the styling…

I say have fun with your thrifted finds! Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the array of pieces ranging from vintage to contemporary. Though people think I never wear the same thing twice, I actually just accessorize the outfit differently to make it fresh and new. Really, it’s all in the way you style your outfit that makes it unique! I say be adventurous with your attire, you never know what amazing outfits you might come up with next!

I would have never imagined mixing my thrifted red turban with a romper, but here it worked. Add some vintage red shoes and a tassel necklace and we have ourselves another creative outfit inspired by my thrift store finds :)

What I wore:

Red turban, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $8

BCBG romper, Freestyle Clothing thrift, $15

Tassel necklace, Goodwill, $5

Vintage red heels, SPCA thrift, $10

TIPS: Wondering where you can find awesome accessories? Here’s a list of some of my favorite places:

1.) W.E.A.V.E. has some great accessories. Not the biggest fan of the clothes, but good jewelry. Located at 2401 Arden Way.

2.) Deseret Industries!!! Omg, I love this place soooo much. Great for everything really. But really great for jewelry, belts, shoes, scarfs, the list goes on. Located at 3000 Auburn Blvd. Please check them out.

3.) Goodwill Boutique on L street in between 16th and 17th. I only really go here on their 1/2 off day, but they have great jewelry and shoes! Next 1/2 off day is memorail Day weekend. (that Monday)




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