It was a teal of a deal…

Yes, I love my vintage, but I also really like contemporary designers as well. One in particular is Ms Diane Von Furstenberg. About two years ago I found my first DVF at the local thrift store and ever since then I’ve been hooked. In the two years since finding my first DVF, I’ve managed to collect 8 dresses of hers and not one of them has cost me over $25! That’s incredible to me, especially when they retail anywhere from $400-500 new. I’m not trying to brag, but merely sharing to the world that if I can find them so can you! I even found one of them at a local Goodwill! This dark teal wool knit dress really was a ‘teal of a deal’ at a whopping $18!


Freestyle Clothing on 21st and L street is where I’ve found the majority of my name brand dresses. They also have a store in Citrus Heights and Roseville now. It’s one of my favorite places, check them out!

Another good place is Crossroads Trading Company by Arden Fair Mall. 2935 Arden Way

One more note: at  both of these stores people can buy, sell, or trade. I sell a lot and get trade. At Freestyle I know you get 35% cash or 50% trade.



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