Sacramento Antique Faire fun

This past Sunday I had the privilege of spending it with my dear friend, Ravenna, that I’ve known for 17 years. Ravenna and I decided to go the Sacramento Antique Faire. Well, she had no choice! It’s quite literally my favorite thing to do in Sac. But, lucky for me, Ravenna is an avid vintage/thrift lover as well. 

We walked around reminiscing about our younger years and how we used to shop at this thrift store called ‘Rag Bag’ in Junior High. In my opinion, Rag Bag was the coolest store in Midtown Sac back in the day. Laurie, the owner, was to me the hippest lady I knew and I was in LOVE with her thrift store. It was only a couple blacks away from my house and I was there all the time. I actually still have a necklace and a Mohair suit from the store. My vintage/thrifting ways go way back! Some things never change ;)

Ravenna and I perused the aisles of the Antique Faire and stumbled upon the most fabulous lady. (see pic below, she has the beautiful pink coat on) She was new to the faire and had the best selection of vintage hats and shoes. Besides having an amazing stand, she was also beautiful, elegant, and sweet as can be. Ravenna ended up finding an amazing vintage wool Halston fedora and I found two vintage Pill Box hats at her stand. I adore these hats and show case them proudly on my walls in my apartment. I can’t wait to do a photo shoot with them! 

Below are a some pictures of our little Antique adventures. Also, don’t forget to visit the Sacramento Antique Faire the 2nd Sunday of the month under the Freeway on 21st and X street. They open at 6:30 am and I suggest getting there early before all the good stuff is gone!




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