I know I’m the Dress Fiend and all, but on occasion I do like a nice pair of trousers!

If you were to ask me, “hey Phoebe, would you rather wear a dress or pants?” I’d say, “A DRESS!!!!” It’s just what I tend to feel most comfortable in. Recently, however, I have been attempting to be a little more casual. A venturing out of my comfort zone if you will.

On some recent trips to le thrift stores I have purposefully avoided the dress section and perused the pant/blouse sections instead. I guess I realized there was an imbalance in my wardrobe when I counted 106 dresses and only 7 pairs of pants! Ummm, hi my name is Phoebe and I’m a dressaholic???

I’m happy to report that I’ve been successful at avoiding the dresses and purchased a couple pairs of pants and shirts! Lucky for me, I even found a pair of Marc Jacobs pants and really cool black and white striped pants! Stylish and functional, who would of thought?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be heading to SF and SOOO excited. My friend taking me even offered to chauffeur me around to different thrift stores of my liking. Pretty awesome right?! See, I’ll be able to put my casual pant look to good use. I think I might even wear flats. I can’t believe I just said that out loud! – Happy thrifting :)

Below are 3 different pant casual options I’ve come up with recently:


Outfits from top to bottom:

1.) Scarf ($7) BCBG striped shirt ($13) Express jeans ($10) Vintage red purse ($10) and red Italian heels ($9) – All pieces from Freestyle Clothing Exchange located at 2101 L street webpage: http://www.freestyleclothing.com/

2.) Necklace my SUPER talented Momma made ($0) Banana Republic blouse (Goodwill $5) Striped pants (SPCA thrift $12) Black belt (Deseret Industries $1) never before worn Ninewest black heels (Freestyle $15)

* I go to the Goodwill located at 1621 L street

* The SPCA I frequent is located at 1517 E street (great place for vintage shoes!)

* Deseret Industries is located at 3000 Auburn Blvd.

3.) Necklace my mom also made, told she was talented! ($0) J.Crew silk top (Freestyle $12) Marc Jacobs pants (Freestyle $14) Fedora (Goodwill $3) Steve Madden flats (Goodwill $5)


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