Pastel/Easter themed Good Day Sacramento segment and where to find all the thrift stores I mentioned

This past Sunday’s Good Day Sacramento segment was SOOO much fun. It marked my 6th appearance on the show and not only did I have one segment, but two! One segment was clothes and the second was accessories.

The theme was Easter with a pastel twist. I went far and wide to seek out the best thrifted clothes and accessories for it. I absolutely adore pastel colors and had the perfect vision of what I wanted to show. Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with mint green and light pink. One of the beauties of thrifting is that I never really know what I’m going to find. And when I do find something, boy do I get excited! I loved everything I showed Sunday morning, but I was especially excited about a pair of shoes I found at Freestyle Clothing Exchange. They were, get this, mint green never before worn heels!!! (See picture below) I thought I died and went to high heel heaven. I found a light pink floral dress that had accents of mint in it and a mint green broach from Thrift Town to match. To me, the shoes and floral dress epitomized Easter.

Another beautiful high light from the show was my make up artist and friend Andrea Lewis getting recognized on the show! I love when I get to see an artist use their talent and shine. I know what it’s like to be passionate about something and to see Andrea show off and talk about her passion warmed my heart. I thought she did a great job on my make up! Check out her FB page at :

As promised on the show, I’ve listed all the stores I pulled from for the 2 segments:

1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange: – they have 4 stores now, but I only go to the one in Midtown on 21st and L street. (I live in Midtown and only bike) They have crazy amazing finds. It’s a buy, sell, or trade place so the merchandise is really good. Love them!

2.) Deseret Industries: 3000 Auburn Blvd – LOVE this thrift store. It’s a huge store, well organized, clean, low prices, and excellent selection. For the people who have asked me where to find plus size clothing, they have an excellent plus size selection!

3.) Thrift Town: – Thrift Town is great and has multiple stores in the Sacramento area. The nice thing about them is how cheap they are. I found a Gap wrap dress there this weekend for $2.99, I mean come on! Plus, I think they have really great accessories. Also, they have an App now! Down load it on your phone to find out all the great deals/sales, coupons, and contests.

4.) Goodwill: 1621 L street – the one on L street is hands down my favorite Goodwill. It’s a boutique and the best of the best goes there. It’s a little pricier, but still worth it because of the quality. Plus, on most major holidays they are half off starting at 8:30 am, next one is Memorial Day.

6.) The Firefly Exchange: 1910 P street. This is a small thrift store full of goodies and the owner is sweet as can be!

7.) The Sacramento Antique Faire: Sooooooo fun. Make sure to go! It’s the second Sunday of the month under the freeway at 21st and X street. Get there early!

Thanks to everyone who watched the show! Means the world to me :) If anyone has any thrifting or styling questions, please please please feel free to write me. I would be happy to help! The Dress Fiend to the rescue ;)

Below you’ll find the video links for the show and a couple highlight pictures:



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