Connecting the dots: one shirt, two shoes, and tie at a time…

I love polka dots, you love polka dots, we ALL love polka dots! Or maybe I’m just making an assumption, but by the looks of all the magazines, blogs, and people around me, it seems we all be lovin’ us some polka dots. I guarantee if someone said they hated polka dots and wouldn’t be caught dead in them, we’d find out later that they secretly loved them and had actually been wearing polka undies and socks ;) 

For me, polka dots are very playful, bold, perfect with many colors, and most of all, they make me happy when wearing the print. I feel like twirling around, or in the case of my photos below, laughing out loud like a child. Maybe that’s what it is, the polka dot reverts me back to adolescence, when everything was carefree and easy.

Though I’m super feminine, I do like playing around with some masculine pieces in my wardrobe. For example, I like to wear some of my broaches as bow ties and from time to time, sport a tie. The polka dot blouse, shoes, and tie seemed like it would have been over kill with the print, but I felt it worked well. I especially thought it worked with the bright green pop of color in the skirt, made for a nice contrast. 

I had a lot of fun with this outfit and loved loved loved that a mural by my house matched the skirt perfectly!!! I mean, was that meant to be or what? It just amazes me how many beautiful things are around us if we just open our eyes to them. I am finding myself constantly inspired these days…


Ralph Lauren blouse, Goodwill, $10

Tie, Deseret Industries, $1.99

Green suede skirt, free at a clothing swap

Shoes, SPCA thrift, $2.50




2 thoughts on “Connecting the dots: one shirt, two shoes, and tie at a time…

  1. Hi. I saw you for the first time on Good Day Sacramento around Thanksgiving. We were visiting my father-in-law in Arnold. My friends and I like to antique and go to consignment shops. After watching you on TV and getting your blog since November it only seems fair that I should let you know that you always make me smile after logging on. I’m now more open to looking at clothes at Goodwill and other thrift shops and also different styles of clothes. Before I used to only consider jeans and maybe some tops for doing gardening work, but I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the Von Furstenberg (sp?) dresses to see if they’d look good on my 5″, 122 lb., 59-year-old short little body. Haven’t found any yet. Anyway, thanks for making me wake up to something happy! Lynn

    • Hi Lynn,
      I have to say, reading this sure put a big smile on my face and warmed my heart! Seriously, you made my day :) So thank you so very much for reading my blog and brightening up my day. Let me know if you ever have any thrifting or styling questions, I’d love to help! ~ Phoebe

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