Be inspired…

As I bike to work every day, I gaze around and constantly feel inspired by what I see, whether it’s nature, people or buildings. Biking these past few years has really transformed the way I see and appreciate things. Just yesterday I found myself inspired by a homeless lady that I passed. She was wearing the most fantastic leopard print top and seemed proud to be wearing it. A couple of weeks ago I rode past a building that was reminiscent of a Mondrian painting and it got me thinking about the prints and shapes in my wardrobe. These types of experiences are why I encourage people to broaden their horizons, open their eyes and let the world around us inspire!

The pairing of the turquoise necklace and magenta romper came to me last year when I saw a beautiful woman walking by wearing the same color combo. I stopped in my tracks and was wowed by the beautiful collaboration of the two colors. I am thankful I had my eyes open that day to be inspired by the passer by with the beautiful ensemble. To this day, it is still one of my favorite color combinations. 


Bebe romper, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $18

Diane Von Furstenberg jacket, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $13

Ninewest heels, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $15

Turquoise necklace, My Momma made!



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