My article in the May issue of Sacramento Magazine is out! (pg 29 and 30)

I have been waiting to write about this for quite some time now. Sacramento Magazine had asked me about 3 months ago if they could do a feature article on me and my thrifitng. I gladly accepted! This past week was an emotional week for me on many levels, but having the article come out Tuesday was definitely the pinnacle of my thrifting career thus far.

Emotions can run rampant sometimes, we are only human right? My emotions came from a place of remembering what it was like and what it is like now. 2 1/2 years ago I could have never imagined that someone, let alone Sacramento Magazine, would ever want to have anything to do with me. When I made the leap to finally change my life, I was then able to start mending the broken pieces that had kept me down for so long. With each piece mended, I got stronger and more confident. In 2 short years I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever knew possible. I hope that I can inspire anyone out there having a difficult time with life that things really can turn around.

As for the article, I am SO happy with it! Amy Ekhart (photographer) did a fantastic job representing my collection of thrifted pieces. (both vintage and newer pieces) I also loved how she was able to capture how proud I am to be riding my bike with heels and a dress on! Love the quote on the bottom of page 29,’I’m not going to sacrifice fashion just because I have to bike.’ Heck yeah! Also, HUGE shout out to Mari Tzikas for the wonderful article. Mari did a wonderful job describing my history with thrifting, collection, styling studio, and inspiration for it all. Thank you for mentioning my mom Mari, she really is my true inspiration and I feel so lucky to have such an artist for a mother. She is my number one fashion Guru. Oh hail to Ms Deborah/Momma ;) I’d also like to pay thanks to Mike O’Brien for giving little ol’ me a chance to show off what I love at the very core of who I am. Thrifting has become my art and finding incredible pieces for next to nothing has become my game. I love that I was able to share my thrifting tips to the great people of Sacramento. Hopefully they will find some great pieces as well! Big thanks to my make up artist Andrea Lewis too! Girl, you did a great job! You can find her business page here:

If anyone is a lover of thrifting or interested in learning how to be frugal and fabulous, please save the date and take my thrifting class on May 30th. You can purchase tickets here and some of the proceeds go to WEAVE. Now that’s a feel good class all around!

Here are some pictures of the photo shoot and the magazine:



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