My 60’s obsession continues…

Recently I went to Freestyle Clothing Exchange (big surprise!) and stumbled upon the most mesmerizing vintage dress. Believe it or not, Freestyle actually has an outstanding vintage section. Next time you’re in there, make sure to ask where the vintage is and check it out! I swear, I’ve been finding the most amazing pieces lately. (primarily of the 60’s era)

Back to the dress, it was love at first sight! It has that beautiful Shift (A-line) quality to it, which is very typical for a dress of the era. What I love most is the print for one, and second, the collar. It reminds me of a Peter Pan collar, but exaggerated. The colors are orange and brown, which are more Fall like. But, I put my styling thinking cap on and realized that splashes of white would Spring it up just perfectly. Great thing about this dress is that it still had the original tags! Always love researching the vintage brands to authenticate the era and to also find out a bit of some fashion history :) The label is a Mar Tee Original and after doing some investigation it is my belief that it’s an authentic dress from the 60’s. Love that! I swear, I get so much satisfaction from my vintage dresses knowing that they are historic pieces of fashion with stories behind them. I just find it so interesting and love knowing that they are virtually one of a kinds. I think it’s nice to stand out from the crowd every now and then…

The day I wore this dress to work (minus the floppy hat) I came across this structure (see photo below) near the Downtown Mall. Once again, I encourage all to pay attention to what’s around you. So much inspiration around us all the time!

I thought the hat here was fun and added a little bit of Spring/Summer flair. Kind of puts a bit of a 70’s kick to it as well.


My outfit:

Vintage dress, Ninewest heels, Banana Republic leather purse, (was new w/ tags on and retailed at $150) and ring all from Freestyle ($15, $15, $25, and ring was $5)

Floppy summer hat, SPCA thrift, $8

White necklace, Deseret Industries thrift, $1.99



4 thoughts on “My 60’s obsession continues…

  1. The 60’s dress was sooooo sweet! Authentic…I know, as I was there. I loved A-line dresses. I made most of my clothes in those days and they were so easy to make, easy to accessorize, and (almost) always looked great. When I lose a few more pounds, I could probably wear one again.

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