RIP Ol’ Blue 4/18/13

I’m sad to report that my beloved bicycle, Ol’ Blue, was stolen from me last Thursday. It happened in the wee hours of the evening right on the side of my house. I even had a U-lock on and they still managed to break through it :(

I’ve had Ol’ Blue for 2 and a half years and it has been with me through the hard times and the good. It was even stolen once before and retrieved at a local Antique store down the street. That time I was able to find out who stole it and made a police report, this time around I have not been so lucky.

Ol’ Blue wasn’t the most flashy of bikes, but I loved it dearly and felt it had become a part of me. It was the perfect blend of vintage (old Schwin) and modern, with it’s white basket and bell. I’d say it’s persona was like mine, classic yet new.

The day before the bike was stolen, the May issue of Sac Mag had come out showcasing me on Ol’ Blue. When I left my house Thursday morning, (magazine in hand) I stepped out to an empty poll with only the remnants of my beloved. As I stood starring, I began to cry. I’ve learned through the years that to stay angry only hurts myself, but in that fleeting moment I was mad. I just don’t understand why people do such things. In the end, I can only hope and pray that what ever it is that makes people steal bikes will hopefully leave them so they, too, can live a better and more admirable life.

I gathered myself and walked to work. I realized that this was only a bump in the road and that things were going to be ok. My problems were minor compared to what was going on in the rest of the world at that moment.

This past weekend I got a new bike and she’s a beauty. People really blow my mind sometimes with their generosity. It warms and touches my heart. I was surprised with a bike and instead of tears of sadness I smiled ear to ear with happiness and gratitude – thank you kind friend :)

I’ll miss Ol’ Blue… But, I’ll admit that my new bike is a pretty darn good replacement for my old one. I have yet to come up with a name for her, but I’ll let you know when I do! It’s so fancy, I even have fenders – say what?!!! Side note: A lady bug flew on me while photographing with my new bike, I take that as a good sign… :)

Outfit: Vintage dress (Freestyle, $12) Ninewest heels (Goodwill, $12.50) and earrings my Momma made.


Ol’ Blue, you’ll always be loved:



2 thoughts on “RIP Ol’ Blue 4/18/13

  1. Thank you :) I was so sad when it was stolen! But, I say this minty green cruiser is a nice replacement. I’m ridin’ in style now, and I have fenders! What a luxury lol

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