Exciting announcement: I’m going to be blogging for Thrift Town!!!

Drum rolls please….I am officially going to be blogging for Thrift Town as a thrifted fashion expert! I have been going to Thrift Town for more years than I’d like to admit and I’m just THRILLED that I have been asked to be part of such an outstanding team and organization. Not only do the stores have great merchandise, but the prices are beyond reasonable. I mean, a Ralph Lauren dress for $8?! Crazy, I know ;)

Please stayed tuned for my first post in the next few days on their blog, which can be found at: http://www.thrifttown.com/blog/

You know when you were little and you wanted to be part of the ‘cool kid’ crowd? Well, I feel like I belong to that crowd now. I’m with my people, doing what I love most. Heck, I get to write about thrifting and fashion, I’ve pretty much gone to thrift store heaven…

In honor of my newly acquired writing gig, here’s a retro inspired Thrift Town ensemble!


White dress, Thrift Town, $10

Gold earrings, Thrift Town, $2.99

Gold bangles, Forever21

White Ninewest pumps, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $15

Happy Thrifting!

Makeup inspired by an ad I came across while reading my 1966 Vogue magazine:




7 thoughts on “Exciting announcement: I’m going to be blogging for Thrift Town!!!

  1. We are thrilled to have you as one of our featured bloggers! You have great style and a unique sense of fashion, and you can rock a classic dress like no other! And how fun that you have been grooving the 60’s lately – super hip. We appreciate that you love Thrift Town, and we love you back! ~ Wendy, VP Marketing/Thrift Town

    • Thank you sooo much Wendy! I’m am just thrilled and look forward to all the amazing outfits and topics I come up with for blog posts. Thrift Town always has the most amazing pieces for the greatest prices. I know I’l have plenty to write about :) And yes, I have totally been grooving the 60’s lately! It’s so much fun!

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