Charity thrifted fashion show for the Sacramento Children’s Home

I was sitting here this lovely evening with a belly full of Chipotle (don’t judge) and gelato when it occurred to me that I never blogged about the charity thrifted fashion show I did a couple of weeks ago! It was held at Lucca Restaurant and the proceeds raised that evening went to the Sacramento Children’s Home.

I felt honored when Terri, the owner of Lucca, asked me to be a part of the 4 part series of fundraisers she was doing to celebrate Lucca’s 10 year anniversary. Terri and I go way back and I think of her as a second Mom. So when she asked me to be a part of it, I gladly said yes! Whenever there is fashion and charity involved you know I’m there :)

Out of all the fashion-y events I’ve done, this one was the most challenging. I had 11 models and 12 looks, all of which I spent well over a month searching for the best thrifted pieces. I spent countless hours visualizing what I wanted the feel and theme of the show to be. In the end, I was steered toward bright Spring colors with a 60’s inspired twist. The 60’s are not only a favorite of mine, but just so happens to be on trend for the Spring season as well. One of the models, Stephanie, had on an AMAZING authentic 60’s ensemble that I purchased at the Antique Faire.  I loved the green shift dress on her with the head piece and broach. (see photo on bottom of article) Steph reminded me of the beautiful 60’s model, Jean Shrimpton – both are just absolute knock outs. Image

My friend Jessica Schubert did the most fantastic job on her makeup and the other girls as well. (Jess, you are the bomb girl) Here’s the link to her page:

What really warmed my heart and made the event so special was one of the models I used for the show. She was an actual resident of the Sacramento Children’s Home and had lost her mother the year before. I felt so privileged to have met her through a friend. I was able to get her outfit she modeled donated and had my professional makeup artist friend, Jessica, do her makeup. She seemed so happy and that just touched me to the core.

In the end, I was finally able to breath and take in the night. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had yet and taught me a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. I was pretty proud to know that I can actually put on a successful fashion show! All the looks were thrifted and I was able to showcase thrift stores like Deseret Industries, Thrift Town, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Cuff’s, Sei Bella Boutique and the Firefly Exchange. That’s a whole lot of 2nd hand stores that got to shine that night, too!

So this evening I count my blessings for all the challenges that have presented themselves to me this past year. With each new challenge I’ve grown in ways that make me want to cry sometimes. I know I’ve worked hard and all, but I really do feel blessed – I truly truly do. People have been so kind and compassionate towards me and it was nice to give back at Lucca that evening and raise money for the Sacramento Children’s Home…

Here’s the link to the professional pictures taken by Sacramento Magazine:

And a few that I was able to snap through out the night (when I wasn’t running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off!)

If you’re wondering what I wore: Vintage 60’s Jonathan Logan yellow shift dress from Freestyle,  $15 – Earrings from Cuff’s, $16 – Ninewest shoes from Freestyle, $15. You know I had to represent the 60’s style I love so much! I even did the big french twist, cat eye, and fake lashes. (fake lashes are so fun!)



4 thoughts on “Charity thrifted fashion show for the Sacramento Children’s Home

    • Thank you Courtney! I was super excited when I found that yellow dress. You can say I’m just a little obsessed with yellow right now, ok – a lot! So the dress is actually a vintage dress by a designer named Jonathan Logan. Here’s a link that has info on the designer: – I have a couple of dresses by them that I just adore! BUT, I do have another dress that is very similar that I got new at Banana Republic some months back.(40% off and an another extra 40% off the day I got it!) It’s a yellow shift/tunic dress as well. I will try and take a pic and post soon and also find out where you can still get it :)

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