Love Specialist?

To call myself a ‘Love Specialist’ would be like saying I’m an expert in the field of Quantum Physics. I’m lucky that I even passed my Statistics class in college! It’s no wonder I studied Art History and Art Studio – it was to stay away from the math! ;)


Over the last couple of months my dating life has definitely changed for the better. It’s probably because for the first time in my life I know who I am and quite fancy the little lady I’ve become. Confidence and drive is attractive, don’t know why it took me 30 years to figure that out! So, I’m most definitely not a Love Specialist, but I do know that I have the tools now to pick better men – one that respects me for who I am and appreciates me and all my goofiness ;) They have to be cool with all my dress, too – just say’n. 

I just adore walking around Midtown and finding new and exciting props for my pics. This trailer was the perfect backdrop for my photo shoot and brought a sense of comical relief that my photographer (Momma) and I needed. 

The dress I have on is actually a new dress, crazy huh?! Every now and then I splurge and I just had to have this black and white maxi dress from Target. Plus, it was only $29.99 and didn’t break the bank too badly. My $25 Target gift card helped! It’s the most comfy dress ever and I highly highly recommend it to everyone. You can find the dress here:


Target dress, $29.99

Fedora, Goodwill, $3

Vintage Ray Bans, gift from a friend

Vintage gold bangle, gift from a friend

Steve Madden flats, Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, $13ImageImageImage


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