Classic hat, modern dress

I have a deep appreciation for the classics. Vintage pieces speak to me like old friends wanting to catch up… tell stories. When I find a good piece I am giddy like a kid in a candy store. Seriously, it’s a rush! Mmm, candy and vintage clothing – that’s a recipe for amazingness. I have a weakness for the sugar, too ;)

My absolute favorite way to dress, how ever, is to combine these beautiful vintage pieces with contemporary ones. This way, I feel like it’s a modern take on something old. I feel I owe it to the vintage pieces to keep their story alive. But, I don’t always want to look like I completely stepped out of the 40’s, so I like to add a little ‘newness’ to my outfits.

I was recently getting my shop on at a local Thrift Town and stumbled upon this lovely mint condition red wool hat. It was made in the U.S. and if I were guessing, I’d say it came from the late 40’s early 50’s. The price tag for it was $24.99, which is a little high, but absolutely worth it for such a beautiful piece of art and history. 

I remembered that I had a black and white J.Crew dress from Thrift Town and had a feeling it would go quite nicely with my vintage hat. Best part about the dress was the price tag! Would you believe it was only $2.99?! Now, that makes paying $24.99 for the hat totally worth it!

I think the combination is the perfect example of how the old and new can compliment each other. The shoes are vintage as well purchased at SPCA thrift ($10) – great vintage shoes there! 

Happy thrifting everyone and please let me know if you have thrifting or styling questions :)

TIP: Download the Thrift Town app on your iPhone/smart phone to  receive VIP coupons and updates on the latest sales and promotions! 


The Dress Fiend



5 thoughts on “Classic hat, modern dress

    • Awww, thank you so much! Hats are so fun to play with! I collect them just so I can play dress up :) Thank you for reading my post!

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