Great Gatsby inspired thrifted fashion show on Good Day Sacramento 5/11/13

Such a fun morning! I always love going on Good Day Sacramento, but especially this morning! I have such an affinity for the 20’s era of fashion and was especially inspired by the new Great Gatsby movie that came out last night.

I love the high attention to glamour, sequins/beading, and accessories – especially the headwear. I take a lot of pride in what I do and went out of my way to find some of the best Gatsby inspired clothing and accessories. Since today was a double segment, I decided to do a more feminine/soft flapper-esque lineup for the first segment and a more dramatic/dark evening look for the second. The first 4 girls had on light pink, tan, and sequin numbers that all went to the knee or slightly above. So fun and perfect for dancing, say the Charleston perhaps? ;) The 2nd group of girls had on more elegant looks ranging from floor length, (with a turban!) to a silk pleated skirt and blouse with a tassel, and an Egyptian inspired gold and black dress. (also popular in the 20’s) I, too, wore two different looks and did a fun short beaded number with a beaded head piece and a more elegant long silk velvet dress with a vintage stole. (My sweet Momma made the silk velvet dress 20 years ago – though not thrifted, I thought appropriate to honor her and her talented sewing skills for Mother’s Day)

My makeup artist Jessica Schubert did a fantastic job on the girls!!! I highly recommend using her for your next photo shoot and or wedding :)  You can find her information at:

Two of my models are fellow fashion bloggers as well! I think they are just adorable and talented writers and fashionistas :) Go ahead and check them out! :

Lastly…If you are wondering where I got all these wonderful things? Well, look no further! Here’s a list and a lot of what you saw on today’s show will be going back to the store today and will be available shortly!

1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange on 21st and L st. I LOVE this place with all of my fashion heart. Quite a few of the dresses are from here

2.) YSJ Vintage at 924 12 th st. They have some of the best vintage clothing in town! They are also opening a new store in Rocklin this upcoming week! Here’s the info:

3.) Firefly Exchange thrift is a super cute little thrift store located at 1910 P street. I always find awesome accessories there

4.) Thrift Town – I usually go to the one off of El Camino. Hands down one of the best thrift stores. Just the best prices out there.

5.) Cuffs is located at 2523 J street and has new and vintage pieces.

6.) Goodwill – I go to the one in between 16th and 17th on L st. It’s the boutique and has the best stuff! Their next big sale is Memorial Day where everything is 1/2 off starting at 8:30 am!

7.) The Sacramento Antique is the 2nd Sunday of the month and located under the freeway on 21st and X st. It’s tomorrow morning and you know I will be there!

8.) Sei Bella Boutique is an amazing consignment store located at 1950 Douglas Blvd. They not only have great contemporary pieces, but beautiful vintage pieces as well. And the prices are great, too! If you are in the Roseville area I highly suggest checking them out.

9.) Prevues has amazing vintage and newer thrifted pieces. The neat thing about this store is that they have costume attire as well. They are located on 2417 K st.

Here are a few picture highlights from the morning :)

Happy thrifting!



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