Mad Hatter Meets Mad Men fundraiser for Fairytale Town – (5/16/13)

When you have a million hats, which one do you choose?!!! It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with hats; be it vintage, contemporary, or outright crazy. Hats, to me, can make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds.

Looking back, some of the most iconic women that I adore were hat aficionados. From Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, to Greta Garbo; these women always looked remarkably sharp in what ever hat they rocked.


So, when I was recently invited to attend the Mad Hatter Meets Mad Men fundraising event for Fairytale Town, I naturally said YES! Ummm, any excuse for me to wear one of my fancy hats and I’m there! I have been collecting vintage hats for about two years now and hang them proudly on the walls of my dining room. (I’ve converted my dining room into my closet, a girls got to get her style on!) Now, the question that appears in front of me is: “What hat do I choose?!” Hmmmmmm, this will be a tough one. Since it’s a “Mad Men” inspired event also, I will base the hat decision off of what ever 60’s inspired ensemble I come up with. Have I mentioned my love for 60’s fashion? ;)

I am thrilled to be attending this fundraiser and can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing! How cool would it be if someone showed up with a Philip Tracey hat on? I would die! ImageImage

For more information on the event please check out:

The fundraiser is for a great cause and Ginger Elizabeth chocolates is the honorary chair! I mean, how could you not go? Chocolate, hats, Mad Men inspired clothing = recipe for amazingness…

See you this Thursday at the Masonic Temple!

Here are some possible options for my hat choice:



6 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Meets Mad Men fundraiser for Fairytale Town – (5/16/13)

    • Hi there! Thank you for liking them :) So I ended up wearing the blue hat. I willl post pictures soon. Yes, I do my own pics. Well… I set everything up and have my momma snap the pic. I do all my editing in Light Room. It helps having a good camera. I love mine! And you are not nosy at all! If you are wondering what I shoot with, it’s the original Canon 5d that came out like 6-7 years ago. Great full frame slr. :)

      • Wonderful! I definitely have had my mom help with pics as well. Once she learned how to focus the camera, we did alright hahaha. You do a great job with your pics, so keep it up!

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