“Life as it is”…

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” – Wayne W Dyer

Life as it is revolves around me constantly working on being in the present moment, enjoying it, and embracing all that I have – not all that I don’t have. This is REALLY hard for me sometimes and it stems from a place where I once only lived in the past or in a make believe land of some future that didn’t even exist. We all do our own versions of soul searching in life and mine personally has been a choppy ride, but it eventually landed me to a higher, calmer ground known as peace of mind. 

Peace of mind comes in the form of having appreciation for the job that I have at the Crocker Art Museum, a roof over my head, (it’s my own apartment!) my new bike, friends, and my ability to be creative once again. 

Art takes on many forms and my form of art seems to have manifested in my clothing choices. I stopped caring what I thought others might think of me and started just wearing what made me feel good and creative. And thank god for thrifting and all the amazing stores in Midtown for providing me with amazing articles of clothing over the years. I may not have a car, but who needs one when ya live in Midtown next to so many great thrift,vintage, and used clothing stores! My outfits each day are my works of art. I don’t typically know what I’m going to wear when I get up. I let my clothes speak to me, inspire me, transform me to a character that I will take on for the day.

Embracing life as it is and accepting it, can be such a beautiful thing… 


Silk dress, Thrift Town, $2.99

Necklace, Thrift Town, $1.99′

Hat, vintage hand me down from a friend, belonged to her mother in the 60’s 

I wear what makes me feel good and confident and this fun 60’s look definitely made me smile. 



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