Spread your wings and fly…

Could you imagine what it would be like if you were surrounded by a swarm of butterflies? Image To feel completely overwhelmed by the presence of such magical little creatures. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to admiring the butterfly. Anytime I’m in my backyard and a Monarch butterfly graces me with its presence, I am instantly filled with a sense of light and joy. What is it about this magical creature that captivates so many of us? For me, it’s the ballerina like ways of floating through the sky like a tiny little dancer in the wind. It’s for the exquisite coat of arms that it carries with it everywhere; always fashionable and always admired. 

Image                  When I found this Diane Von Furstenberg dress at the thrift store last year (Freestyle, $25) it was literally love at first site. Graphic prints are fun, but this print meant so much more to me. I have a very fond admiration for the butterfly and the elephant, so to find a dress with butterflies all over it made me a very very happy girl. 

It’s the kind of dress when you put it on allows you to free yourself of all the toxins that had been plaguing you in life. It allows you to open your wings and rise above to a sense of calm and contentment. As silly as it sounds, there are some dresses that I have, which evoke a kind of wonderful power over me when I wear them. This DVF butterfly dress is one of them and does allow me to spread my wings and fly with confidence, style, and happiness…






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