Good Day Sacramento Plus Size segment

I’m totally late at putting where I got all the plus size clothing from last weekend’s Good Day Sacramento segment! Shame on me!

It was such a great experience and I was just thrilled to show the wonderful women of Sac that there really are great thrift stores that carry plus size clothing. And it’s not just junky clothes, but super cute and stylish instead!

Thank you to everyone who watched and sent me such nice comments after the show – warmed my heart…

If any of you have questions about what looks good on your body type, PLEASE feel free to write and ask me. I love nothing more than showing people how to look their best!

Here are the 2 segments I did:

Here’s a list of the stores I used that carry plus size clothing!:

1.) Deseret Industries. Seriously, really really good plus size selection at this store!

3000 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95821
Neighborhood: Arden-Arcade

(916) 482-1480

Deseret Industries Thrift Store, Sacramento, CA
Mon 9 am – 6 pmTue-Fri 9 am – 8 pm

Sat 9 am – 7 pm

2.) Thrift Town – I heart Thrift Town and their low low prices! They have such a great variety of things, including plus size clothes.

3.) Goodwill – I mean, you just can’t go wrong with Goodwill. Great selection of plus size. Check out their 1/2 off sale this 4th!

I go to the one located on 1621 L St  Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-4407

4.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange – It’s no secret this store is one of my favs! They go up to a size 16 here and don’t have an actual ‘plus size’ section, but they do offer great pieces that are up to a size 16 :)

2101 L St
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 441-3733

5.) The Firefly Exchange – great little thrift store with a small plus size section.

6.) SPCA thrift store – such a great store supporting such a great cause!

Here’s some fun pics from the segment showing off some of the looks I came up with :)



9 thoughts on “Good Day Sacramento Plus Size segment

  1. Love this. thanks for sharing. What a great resource. I am going to share on my Curvy Girl Lingerie page on Facebook. Be sure to stop by our plus size lingerie store in San Jose if you are ever in town.

  2. Chrystal, thank you for reading! So glad you liked it and the post. I totally forgot to post the videos of the segments. I’ll do that right now, so you can also see all the fashions. Thanks for sharing! I’m all for everyone looking good on a budget and have gone out of my way to prove that EVERYONE can look like a million bucks :)

    • Ok, I will share again once all the links are there. Many of my Curvy Girl customers are in your area. I liked your page as Curvy Girl too. Hopefully some of them will like your page as well.

  3. Just posted the video segments for people to see :) This way the girls can see the variety of the looks I did. Such a fun and inspiring segment! It was Good Day’s first ever plus size and I was just thrilled to coordinate and come up with the looks for it. All the models are friends and great and empowering women. That did a great job modeling off all the clothes :) Thank you again for sharing this!

  4. Hello my friend was watching a segment on your show on plus size and she wanted me to find the name of a store tt is black owned and has plus size . She said she saw it on your show can you please leave me any information about the stores thank you.Donna Jordan

    • Hi there! The stores I used for the segment were Deseret Industries, SPCA thrift, thrift town, and Goodwill. All have plus size sections. Deseret Industries has the best selection. I hope that helps!

  5. Reblogged this on Curvabulous and commented:
    I’m going to check out this Thrift Store and see what Selection of Plus Size clothing and of course Kids stuff they have!!
    I’ve found a few cute tops at Thrift Town
    Great Clothes for my Girls there..still regretting not getting the Bag of Doll clothes for 4 bucks since my daughters Dollies are all Nakie ..she is obsessed with changing their clothes…well rather making mom change their clothes…”dis one mama..dollie wear dis one NOW!” HAHA
    Anyway after having a terrible selection choice at the Mall a few cities away I’m checking out Sac because Sac always comes through for me!!
    xoxo Sugar

  6. I’m glad I came across this! I definitely need to check out these places soon. If possible and if you are looking for people to model clothes for plus size I would so love to be one!

    • Sure thing! I’ll keep you in mind. Do you follow me on FB under The Dress Fiend? You should and write me a little message on there so I can have your info next time I need a model! :)

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