Good Day Sacramento ‘fake’ glasses segment inspired by celebrities

Just wanted to do a quick blog post on the Good Day Sac segment I did last Saturday inspired by ‘fake’ glasses celebrities are wearing. There’s a big trend currently where celebrities are wearing non prescription glasses just as an added accessory bonus. I’m not one to follow every trend, but I do love a good pair of fake glasses. (I’ve always wanted to wear real ones) See, I have perfect vision, but really poor hearing. Seriously, I’m half deaf in my right ear and they just don’t make as cute of hearing aids as they do glasses. Maybe one day I’ll get a hearing aid with Swarovski crystals on it – I’ll just embrace the aid with a little bling ;)

Back to the glasses…. It was a fun segment and my four models did a great job representing the celebrities that the fashion and glasses were based off of. The celebs I choose that are known currently for sporting the fakes are Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake. (Actually, my JT could have easily been Pharrell as well – he was so perfect for both!) My glasses were based off of Jennifer Aniston or Anne Hathaway.

Here are some fun pics, where I got the clothes/glasses, and the the video clip! Also, Amanda Nichole, who played my Katy Perry, did such a fantastic job on her makeup that I just had to share her link.  She’s also an amazing model and photographer. Check out her site!

Where I got the clothes/glasses:

Freestyle Clothing Exchange:

Goodwill: I go to the one on 16th and L street

Thrift Town:

Glasses: Prevues Clothing – 2417 K St
Sacramento, CA 95816 


Links to Amanda’s info:



Amanda’s amazing makeup! Girl, you are too cute :)



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