Goodwill 1/2 off sale goodies part 2

Are you ready for part 2?! My recent post on part 1 of my Goodwill 1/2 sale goodies was the more glamorous side of my purchases. In my make believe world I day dream about dressing to the nine at all times with a über fancy dress, hat, jewels, and handsome dapper lad on my arm. I think I’ve just watched too many classic movies :)


But, I can’t always be in a ball gown and in reality there is no dapper man on my arm :-/ (my picker is broken and I’m taking a break from men! – I figure this is the best time to concentrate on myself anyways)

After realizing I own 2 tank tops and no t-shits, (over 100 dresses though, oops!) I knew that I needed to start buying more casual ensembles when thrifting. Again, my alter ego ball gown wearing self usually picks non-practical items over practical. But alas, when Goodwill 1/2 off day came I knew I was going to allow for a little fantasy (with only a few dresses purchased) and a lot of practical. (lots of casual wear!!)

Goodwill 1/2 off sales are always the perfect time to stock up on all things casual; from t-shirts, long sleeve, tank tops, and even work out clothes. (that’s another blog post in itself) For this post I got 6 casual wear items. I hope you enjoy how I put them together! See, even casual can be stylish – you just need to learn how to work the pieces into what you already have. You can take the casual piece up a notch with something stylish like a head scarf or a fab necklace.

I suppose you can take the dresses away from the girl, but you can’t take the styling away from her! It’s in my genetics, I just can’t help myself. (Mom used to be a designer and is still a sewing machine)


The Dress Fiend

Look 1: Ann Taylor striped top (Goodwill sale $4) Bebe suede skirt (previous Goodwill sale $5) Fedora (Freestyle $10) Necklace Forever21

* This is a great example of taking a casual top up a notch. The suede skirt, gold accent, and red lipstick makes it fun and stylish.


Look #2 is a casual look with a graphic H&M top, (Goodwill sale $4) beaded necklace (Goodwill sale $4) Old Navy skinny jeans, (Freestyle $5) and Ninewest heels. (Goodwill $10) I wore the graphic shirt again 2 days ago to work. I spiced it up a little with a vintage leather skirt (Freestyle $10) and same Ninewest heels.

* Great example of how one shirt can be either casual or more dressed up!


The third look continues my love for leather skirts! This time it’s a red leather skirt (Deseret Industries $10) that I adore, especially paired with my new Goodwill Ann Taylor black and white striped top (Goodwill sale $4) and Joan & David heels (Previous Goodwill sale $5)

*Please go and check out Deseret Industries at 3000 Auburn Blvd! Such an amazing thrift store with not only great merchandise, but SUPER low prices.


Look #4 and 5 are very casual outfits, for me at least! The white Gap blouse (Goodwill sale $4) went perfectly with my high waist Joe Jeans (Freestyle $30) and $2 fedora from Goodwill! The necklace was also purchased at a previous 1/2 of Goodwill sale for $5. The print Calvin Klein top (Goodwill sale $4) is soooo comfy and was the perfect fit for my Gap ‘boyfriend’ style jeans. (Freestyle $10)


Lastly, look #6 is one of my favs from the bunch. I got the yellow and blue silk scarf (made in Italy) on 1/2 off day for $2! I knew instantly I wanted to use it as a head scarf and how nice that it went so well with my Banana Republic button up blouse. (from a previous Goodwill 1/2 off sale at $5) Again, I’m wearing my Joe Jeans high waist trousers – I love them! The necklace is from the Sac Antique Faire this past weekend. ($2.50)

* The Sacramento Antique Faire is the 2nd Sunday of the month under the freeway at 21st and X street. It’s quite literally vintage heaven for all you out there that are obsessed like me.



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