Hello XOXO Clothing Swap recap – I sure love free clothes, don’t you love free clothes?!

What’s better than finding that amazing high end piece for next to nothing? Well, it’s finding that high end piece for free!

I’m the queen of searching high and low for the most incredible fashion on a shoe string budget and what I love nothing more is finding phenomenal pieces for FREE. Did you say free Phoebe? Why yes I did :)

A couple of weeks ago I helped coordinate a charity clothing swap through a woman’s group I belong to called Hello XOXO. Hello XOXO is an all-inclusive nest where ladies of all ages come together to enrich themselves and their community through philanthropy, mentoring, book and supper clubs, deep conversations, all while exploring their inner artisan. I had the idea months ago of throwing a fun clothing swap where all that was asked to get in the door was a $5 donation and a bag of gently used clothing. I had quite the amazing group of girls helping me set up, organize the clothes, and collect the donated money. A portion of the money we raised was donated to WEAVE, our chairty of choice, and all the left over clothes went to the organization as well.

Needless to say, the event was very successful and we are planning on doing another one come fall. Because I was working most of the event, I didn’t grab a ton of stuff. I also told myself that I have plenty and it’s better if others get the amazing items, not me! :) I was still able to get a few cute pieces though. You know I can’t leave a clothing swap with out anything, that would be a travesty! I found a cute Forever 21 colorful dress, tie dyed dress, Ann Taylor striped sweater and linen pants. (All pictured below) I also found some great work out clothes!

Can’t wait for our next one, but in the meantime here are a few of my favorite clothing swap finds and pictures of the event. It was so fun to get a huge group of amazing women together and exchange not only amazing clothes, but amazing conversation, and inspiration…

A BIG thank you to Lucca Restaurant and Silk Road sodas for providing the food and drink for the event. Also, a big thank you to Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Deseret Industries, and SPCA thrift for donating clothes! From all of us over at Hello XOXO, we thank you!!!

Also, check out Hello XOXO for all of our amazing classes and events. We’ll also post our next clothing swap on there, too. http://helloxoxo.com/Image



3 thoughts on “Hello XOXO Clothing Swap recap – I sure love free clothes, don’t you love free clothes?!

  1. love this! wish i got to attend! random question, what are your favorite thrift stores? rather, what ones have you found the best stuff at? i have the urge to find some hidden designer gems, just need to know where!


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