“Gray”t Expectations

Expect an abundance of gray this fall season among the fashion forward. The color gray/charcoal/slate, what ever hue catches your fancy,  has been appropriated as the ‘new neutral’ for the season and was seen all over the fall 2013 runways. … Continue reading

Honoring my Momma for National Sewing Month

September marks National Sewing Month and I can think of no one more talented than my sweet mother, Deborah. My mom raised me by herself and we definitely had our hard times growing up financially. But, even through the hardest … Continue reading

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” ~ Dr. Seuss

Sometimes I still get that ‘well, ummmmm, maybe I shouldn’t wear that” or “maybe I should try and dress like that/her” and promptly realize that I am who I am today because I don’t like to ‘fit in’ and choose … Continue reading

Momma’s to be: Style, thrifting, & tips for looking your best while pregnant

Last week’s Maternity Wear segment on Good Day Sacramento was one of my favorite looks I’ve put together since I started doing the show last November. All three girls definitely had that pregnancy ‘glow’ and made my Parisian/nautical vision an … Continue reading

Sacramento Launch x Music Festival 2013: The fashion, the fringe, and the floral head bands

This past weekend’s Sacramento Launch x Music Festival was a treat for not only myself, but for many residents of Sacramento as well. I may be speaking on their behalf, but I feel pretty confident that people who attended the festival left feeling pretty proud to be a resident of this town. From Wednesday to Sunday people were entertained with art, fashion, architecture, and music. What a beautiful thing to see so many creative minds coming together to put on such a fabulous event!

I worked with the Producers of the Launch x Fashion show, Sandra Yan-Crowell and Lisa Kennedy, behind the scenes at the music festival by helping style some of the musicians. Crossroads Trading Company (used clothing store) was kind enough to donate a TON of clothes for the musicians. Not only did we have some pretty rad clothes for them, but there was a hairdresser, (Spanish Fly Salon) makeup artist, and nail person – pretty cool huh?! You know I got my nails done ;)

When I wasn’t backstage helping the girls, I perused the festival with my trusted camera and fashion forward eye. I wanted to see first hand what the spectators were wearing to the festival. I was fascinated by all the different looks and felt a sense of pure joy seeing people come out of their shell and really embrace their individuality and fashion sense. There were heaps of cool looks to choose from, but I rounded it down to 10. Here’s my top 10 looks!:

10.) These adorable youngsters caught my eye and I especially loved her fringe and head piece – she’s on trend and can actually pull it off! I could never pull it off, but she did it well. Image

9.) I don’t personally have any tattoos, but I loved that her ensembles matched her tattoo so perfectly. Beautiful tattoo and cute end of summer look to match.Image

8.) How cute are they? Their looks are simple, but sometimes simple is all you need. Perfect easy breezy look. Their outfits go together and so does their blanket, loved them.Image

7.)This kid is the reason why I’ve become a fan of light denim paired with darker denim, bravo Mr.!


6.) I adore Ms Haley Titus of Colour Me Classic. She can rock looks that I could never! She’s hip, on trend, and always stylish. I wish I could wear shorts like her! Girl, you be killing it in those shorts ;)Image

5.) I love these two, like A LOT! I’m a big big big fan of neutrals and love how they added the extra pop of color (yellow floral head bands) for the wow factor. So cute!Image

4.) I Love nothing more than a man with style and this gentleman is the epitome of dapper.Image

3.)Her personality was as colorful as her ensemble. Her makeup matched her plaid shorts! And so did her shoes. She’s amazing, simply amazing! Image

2.) The Sun Queen, aka Bridgett, knocked it out of the park with this look. She’s an artist in every respect and I adore her uniqueness. Love the plaid, too! Plaid is definitely in for fall and Ms Bridgett you wore it well!Image

1.) Drumroll please….. My number one pick goes out to the fashionable youngster who stole my heart with her stylish braids, gold top, and attention to detail. The girl knows how to play up her accessories. Good use of the gold necklaces! You warmed my heart knowing that our youth is full of creativity, vibrancy, and most importantly STYLE!


Here are a few more shots from the festival. I had a great time and can’t wait to see what the good people over at Launch have in store for us next year!

What I wore day 1:


What I wore day 2:Image


The Launch x Fashion show 2013

Last night was a wonderful night filled with fashion, creativity, determination, and a spectacular show! I had the honor of helping out with the Launch x Fashion show and saw what it was like to produce a fashion show from beginning to end. Image Boy do I commend Lisa Kennedy and Sandra Yan-Crowell for producing such an impressive show last night at the Tsakopolous Library Galleria. Image (super cool bamboo jersey dress by the designer Frock LA – loved this collection!)

It was a delight to meet and speak with a previous Project Runway star and hear about how he makes his own knits, textiles, and designs. The star I am referring to is Joseph Aaron Segal of last seasons show. (Pretty Snake is his label) I mean, how fun are these candy leggings and headbands?! Makes you smile and feel like a kid again. ImageImage

You’re probably wondering what thrifted frock I wore to the event right? Well, since we had to wear all black I opted for my finest vintage dress purchased a couple of months ago at the Sac Antique Faire.Image It’s a 1950’s silk velvet dress that felt like it was made for me! It came with a little jacket, too, but I only wore the dress to the event. ($40 for the set – not too bad for a piece of history and art) Image

At the event I decided to do my hair in a ponytail with a puff on the top to make it seem a little more fresh and paired that with some dangly earrings my Momma made me. I was thrilled to see one of my favorite local fashion bloggers, Ms Bridgett, there doing press.  She’s such a talented writer and artist. The girl puts together some of the best ensembles around. There’s always a story and I absolutely love that! Image

In the end, it was a FUN night filled with fashion, education, and true talent. I really felt inspired to be around such talented and creative fashion minds. I attended the Launch x Music festival today and can’t wait to share with you all the best fashion I saw and my very own thrifted look for the day!

PS: If you are up tomorrow morning please make sure to watch Good Day Sacramento live at http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/good-day-sacramento-live/ for a fun Maternity Wear segment. Bet you didn’t know that thrift stores have amazing maternity clothes huh? :) They do!


The Dress Fiend

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” ~ Audrey Hepburn



Sometimes we need our daily reminder to have faith in what we are doing and that the seemingly impossible at times really means ‘I’m possible’ with a little hard work, passion, and dedication. The rewards sometimes come in small doses like finding yourself smiling at a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike for the first time (so touched by this yesterday) to having the opportunity to work on a magazine photo shoot and fashion show in the same week.

I have my moments of weakness when I start to believe that what I’m doing is silly and that it may never amount to anything. As I sat back in yoga today I shut my head up and didn’t just listen, but heard very clearly the need to not get up and race towards things in life, but rather take a moment to listen to the Universe and when the time is right, take off. When I’m right mind the impossible moves out of the way and allows the positive energy back in to remind me that ‘I’m possible.’ 

Keep following your dreams…

My dream at this present moment is continue on with my love of affordable fashion, styling, and inspiring others to be the best they can be no matter their circumstance. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make this into a career one day. 

I hope my clothes inspire you to think outside the box and have a little fun a long the way… :)


Vintage late 60’s dress from the Sac Antique Faire, $15 – Vintage sunnies from Deseret Industries, $1 – Ninewest heels form Freestyle, $15