The Launch x Fashion show 2013

Last night was a wonderful night filled with fashion, creativity, determination, and a spectacular show! I had the honor of helping out with the Launch x Fashion show and saw what it was like to produce a fashion show from beginning to end. Image Boy do I commend Lisa Kennedy and Sandra Yan-Crowell for producing such an impressive show last night at the Tsakopolous Library Galleria. Image (super cool bamboo jersey dress by the designer Frock LA – loved this collection!)

It was a delight to meet and speak with a previous Project Runway star and hear about how he makes his own knits, textiles, and designs. The star I am referring to is Joseph Aaron Segal of last seasons show. (Pretty Snake is his label) I mean, how fun are these candy leggings and headbands?! Makes you smile and feel like a kid again. ImageImage

You’re probably wondering what thrifted frock I wore to the event right? Well, since we had to wear all black I opted for my finest vintage dress purchased a couple of months ago at the Sac Antique Faire.Image It’s a 1950’s silk velvet dress that felt like it was made for me! It came with a little jacket, too, but I only wore the dress to the event. ($40 for the set – not too bad for a piece of history and art) Image

At the event I decided to do my hair in a ponytail with a puff on the top to make it seem a little more fresh and paired that with some dangly earrings my Momma made me. I was thrilled to see one of my favorite local fashion bloggers, Ms Bridgett, there doing press.  She’s such a talented writer and artist. The girl puts together some of the best ensembles around. There’s always a story and I absolutely love that! Image

In the end, it was a FUN night filled with fashion, education, and true talent. I really felt inspired to be around such talented and creative fashion minds. I attended the Launch x Music festival today and can’t wait to share with you all the best fashion I saw and my very own thrifted look for the day!

PS: If you are up tomorrow morning please make sure to watch Good Day Sacramento live at for a fun Maternity Wear segment. Bet you didn’t know that thrift stores have amazing maternity clothes huh? :) They do!


The Dress Fiend


3 thoughts on “The Launch x Fashion show 2013

    • DaNai! Omg girl, you just made my day by writing me! My mom and I are your biggest fan. We loved all the pictures you put up on Thrift Store Runway. You have such a classic and adorable style :) Thank you so much for following my blog – seriously, made my day! I’ll have to check yours out, too!

      • You’ve got to be kidding?!!! That really excites me! Yes, then you and your mom, btw tell her I said hello, must check out my blog because its all about thrifting!! And don’t let me forget to say thank you!!

        P.S. leave a comment if you get a chance to stop by my blog so I know you got to see it! Xoxo

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