Sacramento Launch x Music Festival 2013: The fashion, the fringe, and the floral head bands

This past weekend’s Sacramento Launch x Music Festival was a treat for not only myself, but for many residents of Sacramento as well. I may be speaking on their behalf, but I feel pretty confident that people who attended the festival left feeling pretty proud to be a resident of this town. From Wednesday to Sunday people were entertained with art, fashion, architecture, and music. What a beautiful thing to see so many creative minds coming together to put on such a fabulous event!

I worked with the Producers of the Launch x Fashion show, Sandra Yan-Crowell and Lisa Kennedy, behind the scenes at the music festival by helping style some of the musicians. Crossroads Trading Company (used clothing store) was kind enough to donate a TON of clothes for the musicians. Not only did we have some pretty rad clothes for them, but there was a hairdresser, (Spanish Fly Salon) makeup artist, and nail person – pretty cool huh?! You know I got my nails done ;)

When I wasn’t backstage helping the girls, I perused the festival with my trusted camera and fashion forward eye. I wanted to see first hand what the spectators were wearing to the festival. I was fascinated by all the different looks and felt a sense of pure joy seeing people come out of their shell and really embrace their individuality and fashion sense. There were heaps of cool looks to choose from, but I rounded it down to 10. Here’s my top 10 looks!:

10.) These adorable youngsters caught my eye and I especially loved her fringe and head piece – she’s on trend and can actually pull it off! I could never pull it off, but she did it well. Image

9.) I don’t personally have any tattoos, but I loved that her ensembles matched her tattoo so perfectly. Beautiful tattoo and cute end of summer look to match.Image

8.) How cute are they? Their looks are simple, but sometimes simple is all you need. Perfect easy breezy look. Their outfits go together and so does their blanket, loved them.Image

7.)This kid is the reason why I’ve become a fan of light denim paired with darker denim, bravo Mr.!


6.) I adore Ms Haley Titus of Colour Me Classic. She can rock looks that I could never! She’s hip, on trend, and always stylish. I wish I could wear shorts like her! Girl, you be killing it in those shorts ;)Image

5.) I love these two, like A LOT! I’m a big big big fan of neutrals and love how they added the extra pop of color (yellow floral head bands) for the wow factor. So cute!Image

4.) I Love nothing more than a man with style and this gentleman is the epitome of dapper.Image

3.)Her personality was as colorful as her ensemble. Her makeup matched her plaid shorts! And so did her shoes. She’s amazing, simply amazing! Image

2.) The Sun Queen, aka Bridgett, knocked it out of the park with this look. She’s an artist in every respect and I adore her uniqueness. Love the plaid, too! Plaid is definitely in for fall and Ms Bridgett you wore it well!Image

1.) Drumroll please….. My number one pick goes out to the fashionable youngster who stole my heart with her stylish braids, gold top, and attention to detail. The girl knows how to play up her accessories. Good use of the gold necklaces! You warmed my heart knowing that our youth is full of creativity, vibrancy, and most importantly STYLE!


Here are a few more shots from the festival. I had a great time and can’t wait to see what the good people over at Launch have in store for us next year!

What I wore day 1:


What I wore day 2:Image



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