Momma’s to be: Style, thrifting, & tips for looking your best while pregnant

Last week’s Maternity Wear segment on Good Day Sacramento was one of my favorite looks I’ve put together since I started doing the show last November. All three girls definitely had that pregnancy ‘glow’ and made my Parisian/nautical vision an absolute success. Look at them, they are all so gorgeous!Image 

I love anything Parisian and anything with stripes. Whenever I borrow from stores for segments I don’t always know exactly the aim I’m going for.  I go in with an open mind and let the clothes speak to me for inspiration. What inspired me with this segment was all the striped items I kept finding. When I (actually my mom) found the BCBG stripped dress that I have on here


I knew I had to go for a Parisian theme with a nautical twist. 

Each girl really did look beautiful and what I loved about the segment was showing the audience that you can still look cute and sexy, even at 8 1/2 months pregnant! Image

I just loved all three looks and thought they were not only adorable on them, but practical, too. The majority of the maternity wear clothes were from Deseret Industries off of 3000 Auburn Blvd. They actually have a section dedicated to maternity wear! The black and white striped Kenneth Cole top,

Image grey Banana Republic dress, shoes, and some accesories were from Deseret.. The Banana Republic dress was $6 and the Ninewest yellow flats $4! 

It was a great show with the most amazing Momma’s to be….


1.) Check out Deseret Industries at 3000 Auburn BLVD for the best maternity wear. Ask one of the clerks to point you in the direction of the maternity wear section. Makes it really easy to shop! Prices are great and so is the selection!

2.) You don’t have to wear maternity clothes when pregnant. For example, the momma to be in the black and white top is wearing normal clothes. The top is a little bit bigger and longer. This a PERFECT thing to pair with some edgy leggings like the ones she has on. How cool are the faux leather stripes going down the side of her legs from Freestyle?! Leggings are stretchy and provide the perfect level of comfort and style while pregnant.

3.) Just because you are almost ready to pop doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate your waist. Create a waist by adding a belt, or in this case a rope belt to show that there is still a beautiful waist line there. Kimber is a beautiful girl and by adding the rope belt we were able to take her dress from cute to stunning!

4.) I’m a big fan of rouching and love it in the grey Banana Republic dress Nikki is wearing. It shows off how beautiful her belly is! Rouching is very forgiving, too. It flattering on so many different body types. When you are pregnant you don’t always want something skin tight and a little rouching will go a long way.

Here’s a link to the show we did:

Till next time…


The Dress Fiend


3 thoughts on “Momma’s to be: Style, thrifting, & tips for looking your best while pregnant

  1. Beautiful pics! I totally agree about not being restricted to buy maternity wear when pregnant. I have 3 children, and throughout all three pregnancies the ONLY maternity wear items I purchased were 2 pairs of skinny jeans from Old Navy and maternity bras (a given). In terms of style, there has been so many to choose from like tunics, cascade cardigans, peasant blouses and like you mentioned—leggings were pretty much my staple items…the list goes on! It’s all about being true to your own style and finding the right silhouette and fit…And what’s great is that I can still wear most of the items I purchased while pregnant, even now! (well, except for the maternity skinny jeans and maternity bras:(

    • Thank you so much! Didn’t the girls look great? I was so happy with their outfits. It really is all about being true to your own wtyle and finding items that work for your body. I felt all three looks really worked for the girls bodies. Thanks so much for reading!

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