Honoring my Momma for National Sewing Month

September marks National Sewing Month and I can think of no one more talented than my sweet mother, Deborah. My mom raised me by herself and we definitely had our hard times growing up financially. But, even through the hardest of times, my mom still managed to have a home cooked meal for me, love, and amazing hand sewn outfits. As a little girl, I wasn’t as appreciative of my hand made gems the same way as I am now, but something about her wonderful sewing abilities was engrained from an early age.

My mom started sewing as a little kid because she had no other means to get the things that she wanted to wear. In high school when girls were still required to wear dresses, my mom showed up to class one day with a pant suit on and the teacher was so impressed by her sewing abilities that he let her stay in school and wear her suit. My momma was a rebel and someone who is, and always has been, someone to speak her mind. That’s one of the many things I admire about her.

Later on when I was in elementary and middle school my mom started her own fashion line called Dalliance Designs and made the most incredible pieces! She also on the side sewed for people, specializing in wedding dresses, and get this, drag! Told you she is a rebel. Oh my god, talk about talent. Making a Marilyn Monroe ensemble for a 6’1″ man is no easy task!

My mom and I haven’t always been on the most loving terms because there were phases in my life that I was angry and bitter and wanted someone to blame and that blame went on her. There was a time in my life when I was really unhealthy and damaging not only my body, but my soul. Through my moms unconditional love I was able to rise above and get “Phoebe” back. My mom is an angel, fighter, rebel, and my number one style icon. She has taught me more about fashion than any magazine, book, or fashion show. She instilled from an early age the importance of good fabrics, tailor-ship, quality, different sewing techniques, and styling. It is because of her that I’m able to go thrifting and find the best hidden gems; she taught me what to look for! It’s also because of her that I understand how to put colors and different textures together.

Really what I’m trying to say is that I love you mom for all that you are and all that I have become. Happy National Sewing month to the most incredibly talented woman I know…

Here are a few examples of some of the exquisite pieces she’s made for me over the years:

Most recent piece: Silk and linen blend romper with an open back and blue lapis stone as the button. Thank you to twotwentyphotos.com for the beautiful pics!  Image


Silk velvet dress she made herself 20 years agoImage

Faux seal skin dress with a smokey quarts fastener on the zipperImageImage

My Senior Prom dress made of silk with a lovely train. I will cherish this forever…Image

Love you Mom :) PS she crocheted this sweater. Woman of many talents!Image


4 thoughts on “Honoring my Momma for National Sewing Month

    • Thank you! She is so talented, blows my mind. And yes, she still sews. I get about 1 to 2 pieces a year from her. I have a tweed suit jacket and skirt that looks like it could be a Chanel suit and one that is light blue and cream houndstooth made if Alpaca that’s crazy amazing. I’ll try and get pics of those soon. Thanks for reading. Always love seeing your posts :)

  1. I love your momma too and is every mother’s wish to be honored and appreciated so! Deb, you are special and you have a butterfly child.

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