“Gray”t Expectations

Expect an abundance of gray this fall season among the fashion forward. The color gray/charcoal/slate, what ever hue catches your fancy,  has been appropriated as the ‘new neutral’ for the season and was seen all over the fall 2013 runways. I’m not one to always follow trends, but I’m a big fan of the color and embracing it for the fall season.

06_5 (Louis Vuitton Pre -Fall 2013)

elle-jcrew-beaded-denim-xln-xln-lgn(J.Crew beaded skinny jeans, so cute! This one is for you Nycala)

03_5(See by Chloe – love the ankle boots)

What to expect from the color and why it’s so fabulous:

1.) It goes with EVERYTHING – what better way to mix and match what you already have with a few pieces of gray?

Image (Banana Republic hate, Freestyle thrift last year, $8 and Gray Gap top, Gap, on sale $10)

Gray and plums (notice the plum in my scarf above) would be beautiful for fall and so would ochre yellow or a cobalt blue. These three bold colors are stunning and perfect shades for the cooler season. The dress I have on below was the perfect summer maxi dress. For fall I plan on combining my fun motorcycle leather jacket (leather jacket in picture above) or a chunky cardigan with it.


Gray dress from the Gypsy Mobile Boutique – it’s fashion on wheels and completely affordable. The dress was under $40. Check her out: https://www.facebook.com/#!/gypsymobileboutique

2.) It’s sexy for the cooler months. Warm color that invites seductive sparkles like this gray tank. I’m not very ‘seductive,’ but try or at least make fun of myself with a wink ;)  (Express tank, Thrift Town, $7.99) Image

A charcoal and black striped sweater (Rachel  Roy, Thrift Town, ($9.99 minus 30%) or dress would be striking as well. Don’t forget a rad pair of sunnies. I LOVE the reflective ones below that I got at SPCA thrift for $6!


Pair your gray looks  with a metallic smokey eye and you are set!Image

If you have any questions on how to wear gray or style the pieces you already have, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Note: Thank you to www.twotwentyphotos.com for the lovely sequin tank pics!

Until next time…


The Dress Fiend


7 thoughts on ““Gray”t Expectations

  1. Hi Pheobe, I’m writing a column for Sacramento Parent Magazine’s November issue on some of the fall trends that I am seeing on local blog sites and I wanted to mention your nod to gray this season. I am happy to point people to TheDressFiend.com and I’d like to include a pic from the blog of you in the sequin top, happy to offer photo credit to twotwenty as well. Anyway, if you can give me a quick reply that would be great. We are on a tight turn-around, but I am hoping you are excited about the opportunity. We send out an audited 50,000 copies throughout Greater Sac and our readers are mainly moms ages 18-44. Thanks, Shannon Smith Sacramento Parent 530-889-6177 – See more at: http://thrifttown.com/2013/09/27/falling-for-gray/#comment-1609

    • Hi Shannon,

      I just wrote you on the Thrift Town blog. I would love to be mentioned in your write up for Parent Magazine! Please go ahead and shoot me an email at peverkouw@yahoo.com so we can discuss it further. Thanks again for reading and wanting to feature my gray post! :)

  2. I am leaving this post for The Dress Fiend. I stumbled on to your site by clicking on the Thrift Store Runway. I’ve noticed your fashion flare and find your to be a very lovely and gorgeous woman. You have a lot going for you and any man should appreciate your inner and outer beauty. Don’t be so hard on yourself. By the way I am a male posting on a site for women. Go figure. But I have a thrift shopping addiction.

    Point Dexter

    • Hi Point,
      Thank you very much for the kind message here. Made my day :) I have a thrift shopping addiction too if you can’t tell lol. Do you have a blog? Which post are yours on Thrift Store Runway? Thanks again for the nice message!

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