Free your mind and the rest will follow…

It’s days like today that remind me to appreciate all that I have, all that I’ve accomplished, and all that I continue to work hard towards. It’s days like today that I am grateful that I decided to make some … Continue reading

The weather for leather part 2: Jackets and accessories

Two years ago I picked up the most exquisite leather and wool jacket from Freestyle Clothing Exchange. It had never been worn, still had the price tags on, and came in at $650 new.  Can you guess how much I … Continue reading

The weather for leather part 1: skirts and pants!

This fall season I am OBSESSED with all things leather! This classic girl needs a little edge in her life. Edgy has come in the form of leather, leather, and more leather. There’s something about it that makes me feel cool, confident, sexy, and flirty. I have to say that this past week and a half has been really good and the sadness I was feeling has past and I’m feeling back to my normal self. What comes with my 31 years of age, besides a few extra wrinkles, is confidence and the courage to get my self right back up! Remember that movie When Stella Got Her Groove Back? Well, it’s almost as if Phoebe got her groove back, too. So with my new found ‘groove’ has come a new found edginess. How I express this best is through my fashion and I can think of nothing more confident and edgy than leather!

The more I thought about my leather fetish the more I realized just how much I actually own, enough to make this blog post a 2 part series! This post is dedicated to my love of high waist skirts and pants. 

Below are a few of my favorite pieces, stay tune for part 2 tomorrow!

~ Black vintage leather skirt, Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, $15

~ Red vintage leather pants, Deseret Industries thrift, $10

~ Black leather Bebe pants, Sei Bella Boutique Consignment, $24.99

~ Red vintage leather skirt, Deseret Industries, $10

~ Black faux leather pants, Thrift Town, $1.99 (30% 0ff!) 



This to shall pass…

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” ~ Buddha

This post is not so much in the way of fashion, but personal. I used to deal with pain in unhealthy manners, but now I try my best to cope in healthy ways such as writing this blog post.

Relationships are so hard for me and I allow men to treat me in ways sometimes I wish I had the courage to not allow. I have a very strong voice when it comes to empowering women through fashion and art. But, I have to be honest and say that I am weak when it comes to men. After months of dating someone it ended this evening with him telling me that there is someone else and he is choosing to be with her. I’ve known in my heart that this was a possibility yet I chose to ignore it, I knew it was a possibility when he brought another woman to my work event as a date months ago, but I chose to believe it was probably just a friend. I never had the courage to communicate and speak up for myself with the fear of being rejected or hurt. I closed myself off to the possibility of finding someone else all these months because I was holding on to some kind of notion that this man would say he liked me and wanted to be with me.

I am not perfect, and I’m writing this to all the women out there who have gone through this or are going through this right now. As my tears roll down my face I am finding the courage to tell on myself and say that I am weak in regards to men. It is my belief that by being open and honest that maybe we can heal and grow. I am a woman of worth and a woman who deserves to be loved. I’ve suffered my whole life from not feeling good enough and wondering why men pick other women over me. But, what I’m realizing at this moment is that it’s not me, but it’s the men I pick. There’s a pattern and I hope that with my recent heart break I can rise above it, let go, and move forward gracefully to allow room for the right guy to come into my life eventually.

Shit HURTS sometimes and this stings like a bitch. I’m not one to cuss, but I am feeling it right now. A woman’s instinct is usually right, we are very intuitive, but I choose not to listen sometimes. I feel like running away, but I have come too far to give up now. I have to believe that there is someone out there who will love and adore just me. I deserve that and so does everyone else.

I don’t think ill of the person that broke it off with me this evening for another woman. He is a good person, but just not the person for me. I was very honest tonight about my feelings and if anything I take that as a gigantic leap in my continued growth forward on this journey to happiness. Still stings though – Nothing a cup of Yogi tea can’t help fix and of course the mantra on my tea bag read: Love what is ahead by loving what has come before…

Off to my bed now with my cuppa tea and kitty. Thanks for listening to me and if you have any good advice for this girl that has a broken picker when it comes to men please advise.

I will take this heart ache and with grace. Grace and humility have gotten me through the hardest of times and will get me through this – I have faith in that, I have to…

Tartan with a twist please

Recently I curated a fashion show for Good Day Sacramento with Tartan plaid being the main star. Image

This fall season the classic Tartan has been appropriated as the ‘it’ print and was seen all over the fall runways. I’m a classic girl by nature so the print is a definite yes in my books. What I’ve loved seeing is people taking the classic print and making it hip and modern; even edgy. This was exactly the direction I wanted to take the Good Day show I did. 

I say why not take your classic Pendleton pleated skirt and make it sexy with an adorable crop top (Heart Boutique $18) and a fitted leather jacket? (Freestyle $18! and yes it’s real leather and was originally a $650 jacket) P.S. This Pendleton skirt is reversible! (Freestyle $8)



One item I pulled for the show that I LOVED was from Deseret Industries. It’s a vintage coat from the 80’s ($8) with a velvet collar and buttons. I paired it with a contemporary Ann Taylor sequin top (Freestyle $12)  to make it modern. Image

Remember this fall season to have fun with Tartan and don’t hesitate to make the classic print modern and hip with a leather jacket, leggings, or a sequin top or hat.Image

Here’s the link to the segment: