The weather for leather part 2: Jackets and accessories

Two years ago I picked up the most exquisite leather and wool jacket from Freestyle Clothing Exchange. It had never been worn, still had the price tags on, and came in at $650 new. Image Can you guess how much I got it for at my beloved thrift store? A whopping $18!!!! The jacket still remains in my top 3 best thrift store finds of all time. My absolute favorite part of the jacket is the back detail, so unique. ImageThat purchase really peaked my interest in finely made leather goods (leather was imported from Italy) and solidified my point that you don’t have to spend a lot for quality products when they are right around the corner at your local thrift and consignment stores.

Since my first leather acquisition I have accumulated two more leather jackets; one with patent leather trim and another with studs. (Buffalo Exchange, $20 and Bebe jacket from Crossroads at $45) 3 is kind of a lot, but to heck with it!  When you find a real leather coat for a good price buy it! Fitted leather jackets go with just about everything. From a cute dress to jeans. It’s very versatile and I think every girl should have one, or in my case, 3! ImageImageImage

Besides my love for all things leather jackets, I am also a fan of leather accessories; especially boots and gloves. Last year I picked up the nicest pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for $25.00! (Freestyle Clothing Exchange) ImageThese retail in the upwards of $500-$700 and mine were in near perfect condition when purchased. I wear them ALL the time. Girls, please go out and get yourself a nice pair of leather boots. It’s a fall must have and they also go with everything.

Another great accessory is a nice pair of leather gloves. ImageI have 3 pairs of those, too – oops! But, again, you can never have too many pairs of nice leather gloves. Image

This fall season try a little leather to spruce up your wardrobe. If this classic girl can pull off leather jackets so can everyone else. Have any thrifting questions or need advice on how to wear leather? Please ask! I’d be more than happy to answer all you fashion related questions.

Untill next time…


The Dress Fiend


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