Free your mind and the rest will follow…

It’s days like today that remind me to appreciate all that I have, all that I’ve accomplished, and all that I continue to work hard towards. It’s days like today that I am grateful that I decided to make some serious changes three years ago to allow myself to fully blossom to the woman I am today. It’s days like today that I realize that even though I still have some bumpy days, the good ones out weigh the bad ten fold. And lastly, it’s days like today that I tell myself, “Phoebe you should be very proud of yourself.” I think it’s important to give ourselves a little pat on the back every once in a while. Today’s a double pat kind of day.

I started my day with a photo shoot for Sacramento Magazine. I was asked to wear my beloved beret, which has now become a signature look of mine. The magazine is doing a little blurb on an upcoming Thrift Tour that Freestyle Clothing Exchange and I are coordinating. It’s our 2nd tour and I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to teach all the passengers of the Fabulous Thrift Tour my thrifty bargain hunting ways once again. Our 1st tour on 11/9/13 was a huge success.


Later in the day I got notice that I won 1st place by CBS for best local fashion blogger. THIS blew my mind and I had to pull over in my car to take a little moment to reflect and shed a tear of joy. I was recognized for something I love and something that I can now say I’m pretty darn good at. I continue dreaming big and the universe keeps dishing out all these wonderful tokens of fashionable love. The kind lady who wrote the little blurb on me quoted “why fit in when you were meant to stand out.” ~ Dr. Seuss I had written a blog post some months back based on this line by Dr. Seuss because it struck a cord on such a deep level with me. I spent years feeling like I needed to fit in, in order to be happy and when I finally realized that I wasn’t meant to blend in, but rather stand out and shine, my whole perspective on life changed. 

Fashion was the vessel that allowed me to sail forward in life and this ship isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

In honor of beret Mondays here are a few pictures of my new leopard beret and fantastic vintage cashmere Ransohoff coat. (Beret from Freestyle Clothing Exchane $8 and Deseret Industries $40) I’m a little obsessed with berets, they not only provide some fashion flair, but they also cover up my bad hair days! 




5 thoughts on “Free your mind and the rest will follow…

  1. Oh, Phoebe! Congrats on the award–so well deserved! I haven’t been to Sacto in a long time, so no visits with you and your Mom. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and how (vicariously) proud I am of all your success. Also a bit envious of anyone who gets to go on the thrift store tours with you. Best wishes to you and Deb for a lovely Thanksgiving! Love, Lily

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