A work of art: Part 1

My mother and I haven’t always had the meaningful relationship that we have today, but through the years our bond has grown stronger and stronger. 

Something I am supremely grateful for today is my realization and appreciation for my mother’s unbelievable talent in the fashion department. I grew up with my mom sewing for me and herself, but I didn’t quite comprehend her talent till I fully embraced my love for fashion in my 20’s. 

Fashion and art was ingrained in my psyche from an early age and it makes complete sense to me now why my two great loves in life are fashion and art. My fashion has quite literally become my art. I see the world through color, shape, and it manifests itself to my daily ensembles I selectively pick out each day. 

My mom inspires me all the time and she recently made me something so incredible that I couldn’t wait to figure out what complimented it. For Christmas she made me a stunning wool plum colored trench coat fashioned from a 40’s style pattern.

(photo below: beret from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift at $8, tights Forever21! (great tights selection) and Ninewest heels from Freestyle at $15) 


Not only did she make me a coat, but she made me matching earrings and a hat with real pearls on it. (the hat will make an appearance in my part 2 post)Image

The tailor-ship of the coat is out of this world and even more impressive was the fact that she found the beautiful plum wool at Goodwill thrift for $4! This is the perfect example of Renew, Recycle, and Reuse. 

My artsy stylish mind went to work thinking of what colors could compliment the plum. In these winter months I absolutely adore black and white, but I also love a big/bold colorful fashion statement. The plum color with turquoise breathes warmth and cheer in these chilly days. Another nice color that compliments plum is the 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

(photo below: Betsy Johnson dress from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift at $15) 


Stay tune for Part 2 tomorrow with another lovely color combo and a little Abstract Expressionism inspiration mixed in…

(photo below: top from Banana Republic recently at their 50% off sale, necklace my mom made, skirt from Goodwill at $5.99, and vintage heels from Deseret Industries thrift at $4)



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