A work of art part 2: “Express”ionism

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” ~ Oscar Wilde


Expressing myself through clothing has become my art. I have dabbled in some form of art my entire life. I went to an art high school graduating with a scholarship in photography and continued that love of art to UC Davis where I majored in Art History and minored in Art Studio. I still paint from time to time and am still very active with my photography. My lens has become the best tool to share with the world my wearable art. 

The recent gift from my mother from Christmas has turned the inspiration light bulb way on. The plum color is making me think outside the box of the color combo world. What goes with plum??? Image (Mom made this hat, too!) 

 As this thought pondered I looked up in my living room and stared into a painting that was given to my mother years ago by a dear friend, Hugh. Hugh died of AIDS when I was 11 and he has made one of the biggest artistic impacts in my life to date, beside my Momma of course. He was a phenomenal painter! Not only was he a phenomenal painter, but an amazing fashion stylist to my Barbies as well. Ha! Yes, Hugh used to make my Barbies the most incredible ensembles! Gotta love the gays and their artistic flair. Long story short, when Hugh passed I felt as if he gave me the gift of art. I got the fashion from my mom, but I really feel that I got the art side from Hugh. Image

Going back to the painting. Hugh produced the Abstract Expressionist painting in 1977 and when I looked up at it I saw an influx of color compliments to my plum coat. The color that stood out the most was the bright yellow. Even in winter, I feel the two bold colors go beautifully together. Image

Thank you Mom for creating such a special coat and thank you Hugh for continuing to inspire all these years after your death. Clothes are the best form of creative expression. A simple outfit can change an entire room with out even saying a word. Your ensemble can inspire, make people happy, and help others become their best possible self. I suppose that’s why I take my fashion so seriously. I finally feel like I’ve found my calling…ImageImage

Hope I’ve inspired a few here with my daring color combo and arty rendition of Hugh’s Abstract Expressionist painting. If you have any fashion or styling questions please feel free to ask! 

Dress is from Banana Republic. Purchased last year at 80 % off! Was already marked down then extra 40% off. Banana has some great sales. I’m an avid thrifter, but I do love me a good sale from time to time.


6 thoughts on “A work of art part 2: “Express”ionism

  1. Hi Phoebe, The coat is so fabulous!!! Kudos to your wonderful and talented Mom. Ok, I admit, I want one of those coats. Also, the plum with yellow is perfect! Thanks for sharing your art–your blogs are a treat whenever they arrive. Best wishes to you both for another great year!!

    • Thank you Lily! Mom is the most talented woman I know. Thanks for appreciating my art meets fashion blog posts. I love being inspired by art! Best wishes to you as well, Mom says hi :)

    • Thank you SO much! I feel so lucky to have a mom that can sew like she does. Such a talented woman! The painting is so special to me. Hugh, the painter, was one of the most talented artist and his work continues to inspire. Happy New Year to you! :)

    • Thank you Maria! You are such a doll. I checked out your blog, adorable! Color combinations are endless and I love when I figure out new ones that work! There’s inspiration all around us! :) Happy New Year to you.

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