The Fabulous Thrift Tour on 1/25/14

The Fabulous Thrift Tour on 1/25/14

It’s that time again! It’s the 2nd Fabulous Thrift Tour hosted by myself and sponsored by the ever fabulous Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift.
Link to get tickets:
We have an amazing party bus, prizes, 5 top notch thrift stores, lunch catered by Lucca Restaurant & Bar, and tons of champagne to make the shopping day a day to remember. If you’ve ever wondered how I thrift and find the amazing gems please come on the tour to find out all of my secrets. Here are the 5 stores we are going to:
1.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange in Citrus Heights to start – coffee and pastries provided
2.) Article Consignment
3.) Thrift Town off of El Camino
4.) SPCA thrift
5.) Freestyle Clothing Exchange on 21st and L street.
The 1st tour was an absolute success and I have no doubt that this one will be even better!!! :)
Who’s coming???


8 thoughts on “The Fabulous Thrift Tour on 1/25/14

    • Yay!!! I hope you can make it, it would be great to finally meet you! :) We had so much fun last time. This tour is great because it has thrift, consignment, and buy/sell/trade stores involved. You will get the perfect all around recycled fashion experience! I SO hope you can make it.

  1. Where do you live in Australia? I lived in Perth, WA off and on for 3 years! :) Such a beautiful country. Maybe one day I’ll take my thrifting adventures to Oz ;)

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