An attitude of gratitude will carry you far…

New Year’s Eve was spent with one of my dearest friends from college, Annelise. As we age close friendships become rarities. Annelise has been there for me through the good, through the bad, the really bad, and the good again. Never has she judged me, but rather stood by with open ears and arms ready to be, well, my friend. 

Ringing in the New Year with her made me think about life and how incredibly grateful I am for everything. Having gone through some rough years in my past I learned the true value of humility and gratitude. It is my belief that I needed to go through the trials and tribulations of life in order to really get what was important. Had I not been so broken I would have never risen back up to see my true potential on this planet. 

Gratitude will take a person far, I am living proof of that. Everyday when I wake up I check and balance my motives with work, and my personal life. I am honest, hard working, loyal, and driven. Ego in moderation is healthy, but too much can be detrimental. Even when something new and exciting happens to me I am naturally thrilled, but also humbled by the honor. I’ve worked hard, I know, but I will always be grateful for everything that has happened and will happen in life. 

Just today I had the Sacramento Business Journal over photographing me in my closet, aka living room, for an upcoming feature they are doing on me. To promote something so positive like recycled fashion brings such joy to me. There are so many positives to shopping thrift and I’ve now been given a voice to promote this wonderful outlet of mine. Thrifting doesn’t make you feel guilty for spending $100 on a shirt, it makes you happy for getting 10+ more shirts for $100! Thrifting keeps clothes out of the landfill and into our fabulous closets. Thrifting keeps history alive with its fantastic vintage selections found at places like the Sacramento Antique Faire. (2nd Sun of the month) And thrifting will make you a trend setter because you will never look like anyone else. It’s with thrifting that you find pieces that no one else has. There are so many positive things about the art of thrifting and I am so very very grateful that I got to talk about it with another prominent publication like the Sacramento Business Journal today. 

With this New Year I have no doubt that it will be good. Even when the hurdles come I will embrace them with dignity and grace to come out a bigger and better person. I have so much love to give and nothing or no one will ever get me down.

My love inspired ensemble. Happy New Year to everyone…

Outfit: Beret from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, sweater and tights from Forever 21 (I shop there for tights and the sweater was a calling my name! – PS the most amazing tights are there) and the Ninewest heels and vintage leather mini are from Thrift Town.



3 thoughts on “An attitude of gratitude will carry you far…

  1. Congratulations on the feature in Sac. Business Journal! You are such an inspiration! I’m sure you’ll have a great 2014!

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