Black and white pattern play: Part 2

I want to start this blog post with the very wise quote by Dr. Seuss that I periodically mention: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

On Thursday evening I had the most wonderful serendipitous moment happen at the Museum I work at. As many of you know, I have been obsessed with black and white, especially black and white patterns as of late. As I perused the Museum during our Art Mix event I noticed the most fashionable young lady about the age of 10 – 12 standing there in the most fabulous black and white polka dot top and striped pants. I immediately made my way to her and had to compliment her well crafted look. She said thank you and proceeded to tell me that she had a bad day at school because the kids made fun of her look. This story instantly brought me back to the 7th grade when I was made fun of so badly by a couple of students for wearing a pair of amazing vintage maroon velvet pants with white stripes down the side. I was so hurt that I lied to the school nurse saying I was sick so my mom would come pick me up. When my mom came I burst into tears in the car.

The world works in mysterious ways and I saw a lot of myself in Katelyn last night. I looked down at her and said, “never change who you are and always remember that it’s better to stand out than to blend in.” She smiled and I gave her a hug. Thank you Katelyn for making my day yesterday and for reminding me that our youth has this amazing power to inspire and touch our souls. Look at how adorable her look was?! Image

As for my continuation with my black and white series, I went for a preppy meets edgy look. I hardly ever buy new pieces, but this Banana Republic bow sweater had been on my radar for months. ImageImage

It was originally $89 marked down to $54 then an additional 50% off the day after X-Mas! Hey, I still got it at a steal of a deal price.

See, meeting Kaitlyn was serendipitous because I wore a polka dot blouse (Goodwill, $10) underneath with a striped bow sweater this past weekend. I tell ya, polka dots and stripes are in and Kaitlyn is just ahead of her time! Phewy on those mean kids that made fun of her!

To make the preppy look edgy, I paired the top with leather Bebe pants from Sei Bella Boutique Consignment. ($24.99) I loved the whole look and topped it off with one of my first thrift purchases at the age of 13, the rhinestone necklace, from a thrift store called Rag Bag. ImageImage

What a wonderful week this has been! The Sacramento Business Journal came out today, can’t wait to share that with everyone tomorrow… Oh, and if you are up at 9 am watch Good Day Sacramento! I’ll be showing off some amazing thrifted looks for under $20!


The Dress Fiend


7 thoughts on “Black and white pattern play: Part 2

    • Hi Malisa!
      I mentioned SPCA thrift, Deseret Industries, Thrift Town, Crossroad’s Trading Co, and Freestyle Clothing Exchange. They are all wonderful and if you are out tonight check out SPCA, they are having a huge 2nd Sat sale. All clothes 1/2 off!!!

    • Isn’t she adorable?! Good Day Sac and I are doing a little segment on her Wednesday morning before she goes to school. She’s going to show off her amazing fashion and talk about the problem of bullying in schools. She’s such an inspiration! If you’re up at 6 am watch, but it’s early I know :) I’ll definitely post it later in the day on The Dress Fiend FB page. Girl, did you get your ticket to the Thrift Tour???

      • I’ll be up & be sure to watch. Unfortunately, that days is my friends bday (tried to get her to go) but we’re wine tasting. I’m sad…but happy for wine. I’m telling everyone about it though, I hope you have an amazing time :)

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