Thank you to the Sacramento Business Journal for the fabulous article!

The Sacramento Business Journal article spotlighting myself and all my thrifting endeavors came out Friday and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not only did I get to mention my upcoming Fabulous Thrift Tour, but I got to talk about the importance of the ‘shop local’ movement, the impact bloggers have on fashion, and what trends I fancy of for 2014. But, most importantly: I GOT TO PROMOTE RECYCLED FASHION! 

Below is the picture they used for the article and yes, I did wear the Pantone color of the year, wild orchid, as my ensemble of choice. The silk suit is a vintage Karl Lagerfeld made in Paris. I found it at a local consignment store called Sei Bella Boutique for $69.99. A $2,000 + suit for less than $100 is why I love recycled fashion so much! I wanted to look smart, sharp, and confident for the shoot, but I also wanted to add my ‘dress fiend’ flair and the unique suit jacket and color fulfilled my vision to perfection. 



Here’s the PDF of the article for your reading enjoyment. Thank you again Sacramento Business Journal, especially Sonya Sorich the writer, for such a lovely piece. 


Spotlight on: Phoebe Verkouw, blogger, 

The Dress Fiend 

Sonya Sorich 

Staff Writer and Social Engagement Manager- Sacramento Business Journal 

Email  | Twitter  | LinkedIn  | Google+ 

Meet a fashion fiend with frugal finances. 

When she’s not busy working at the Crocker Art Museum, Phoebe Verkouw maintains The 

Dress Fiend, a fashion blog devoted largely to “the art of thrifting.” To some extent, Verkouw is 

the face of the local thrift shop scene. 

Need proof? Later this month, she’ll host the Fabulous Thrift Tour, a group shopping excursion 

that takes guests to some of the Sacramento region’s top thrift shops. 

How have bloggers affected the retail world? 

“Bloggers expand a brand’s reach and they have the ability to make fashion approachable. 

Because of this, they are a brand’s best friend because they reach the average girl and inspire 

her to try new things and covet those desirable pieces.” 

Your Fabulous Thrift Tour is scheduled for Jan. 25. What’s the story behind this 


“Months ago I met with Elizabeth Kelley, the owner of Freestyle Clothing Exchange, to discuss 

some possibilities of working together, and the thrift tour manifested from our meeting. For 

years, people have been asking how I thrift, my method, how to spot the gems, what to look 

for, and the Fabulous Thrift Tour is the perfect solution for my newbie thrift enthusiasts. 

Freestyle is sponsoring the event, and I will be there not only to provide thrifting tips, but also 

styling tips. My goal is to make thrifting approachable. There are still a few tickets left. People 

can purchase tickets at”

As a resident of midtown, what would you add to midtown’s retail scene? 

“Midtown Sacramento is doing a mighty fine job at bringing the locals the best of thrift, 

vintage, buy/sell/trade and boutiques. As a native midtowner, I’ve literally seen the area go 

from nothing to something really unique and booming. I feel like there’s something for 

everyone in midtown. The only thing we don’t really have are high-end boutiques. But I’m not 

sure those would do well in midtown because most of its residents, like me, are young 

professionals who can’t quite afford high-end luxury yet. Instead, we shop at places like 

Freestyle that provide us with the name brands for next to nothing prices. I’m constantly 

finding name-brand dresses in the range of $200 to $500 new for less than $25 used.” 

Which fashion trends are on your radar for 2014? 

“The wearable art trend for spring 2014 has me jumping for joy. As an artist and employee of 

a local museum, I am constantly inspired by art. I’m also a fanatic over the color orange and 

this season it’s the new black. It’s my absolute favorite color and you will see me wearing it a 

lot in 2014.” 

As a consumer with a unique interest in retail, what do you think are the strengths 

and weaknesses of the shop-local movement? 

“The strength of the shop-local movement is the sense of community and businesses working 

together and not against one another. For example, this holiday season we had Midtown Pop 

with multiple stores coming together under one space to sell their merchandise. I don’t have 

many criticisms of the shop-local movement. I think as long as the local stores continue to use 

social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are moving forward.” 

The Essentials 

Age: 31 

Personal: Lives in midtown Sacramento and often bikes around town in heels and a dress; 

lists her mother, Deborah Verkouw, as her “fashion inspiration.” 

Education: Bachelor’s from University of California Davis, majored in art history. 

Career: Interim manager of the Facilities Use Department at the Crocker Art Museum, 

maintains a fashion blog on the side. 

Something people would be surprised to learn about you: “I have dual citizenship with 

Holland and the U.S. My father was from there. … The Dutch are avid bikers, and I feel it is in 

my genetics to be a lifelong biker, car or no car.” 

Sonya Sorich is social engagement manager and a staff writer at the Sacramento 

Business Journal. She oversees social media activity and writes about retailing and 

small business.


5 thoughts on “Thank you to the Sacramento Business Journal for the fabulous article!

  1. Congrats on the feature! I should check out the shop you purchased the orchid outfit. That’s a steal! And I’m very excited to join the tour, it’s coming up soon Yay!

  2. Phoebe! Hello doll, its been too long. Congratulations on your Sacramento feature and the many other things you’ve got going on! I still have my blog and I had one small request. Me and my co-writer would love to get some blogger advice from you, maybe even act as a mentor, especially for gaining and maintaining followers. We’d love to hear from you so that we can follow up with some questions. Talk to you soon! xoxo

    • Hi DaNai,

      What kinds of questions do you have? Have you ever thought about maybe reaching out to your local news station perhaps? You do primarily thrifted looks too right? Maybe you can have your own little TV segment like me and do some fun thrifted fashion shows in your town. Because of the TV show I’ve gained a lot of momentum because of it. Let me know how else I can help!

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