Polka dots and stripes are cool!

This past Wednesday was a special day for not me, but for my new friend Ms Katelyn. A little over a week ago I met a special young lady at the Crocker Art Museum during our Art Mix event. She had on the most fantastic striped black and white pants and an adorable polka dot top.


To see a 12 year girl playing with patterns and understanding that it works blew me away. I saw her from across the room and had to walk over and tell her how amazing she looked! 

Our meeting each other ended up being very serendipitous. My little fashionista come to find out had been bullied earlier that day. When I heard her story and how that wasn’t the first time I knew my going up to her wasn’t just random. Katelyn’s bullying was so bad in years past that she’s had to move schools 3 times. 

What I admired so much about Katelyn was through all the bullying she wasn’t willing to give up her identity and fashion in order to conform. I knew I wanted to do something special for her and give her the added confidence that could possibly open her eyes even more to all the possibilities out there when you don’t lose sight of who you are. 

I called my good friend, Amy Carabba, over at Good Day Sacramento and told her Katelyn’s story. Amy, like me, knew this girl’s story was special and needed to be heard. What better way to stand up to bullying, but to go on TV and face it head on?! This past Wednesday Amy and I reported live from Kateyn’s room.Image She showed us all her amazing outfits, gave us fashion tips, styled Amy, AND spoke out against bullying. She was so calm and confident and nearly brought a tear to my eye.Image

Katelyn, thank you for not only inspiring and empowering me, but thank you for having the courage to speak out against bullying and sharing that with the good people of Sacramento. I have no doubt that you touched many people that morning sweet heart. So grateful I met you. 

Love her Lady Gaga inspired head band she made at the Crocker! Just think if Lada Gaga had listened to all the bullies. She stood up to them and is fabulous! Katelyn, you are just as fabulous! 

See, I told you polka dots and stripes are cool Katelyn! I wore an outfit inspired by her look for the show :)


Link to the show below: 



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