Fashion inspiration: American Hustle the movie

Inspiration, for me, manifests itself from art, architecture, people, nature, and in this case, the movies. (American Hustle) I am fond of the past for not only its rich history, but especially for its truly phenomenal fashion.

American Hustle was a visual show stopper with its 70’s attire adorned with massive furs, sequin, leather, and rompers. Image

60’s fashion is my main squeeze, but a little 70’s flair finds its way to my closet from time to time and the movie inspired me to unpack all of my favorite 70’s and 70’s inspired ensembles. 

Over the years of collecting vintage clothes I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit many items from people who knew I would appreciate and continue the legacy of the vintage. I have quite a few furs, and one from the 70’s that belonged to the original owner. ImageImage

After seeing previews for American Hustle I was instantly reminded of my beloved 70’s fur coat.Image


What better way to heighten the 70’s vibe? With a pair of bell bottom jeans and big curly hair. (Joe Jeans, Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, $30)

My absolute favorite iconic statement piece that came out of the 70’s was the classic wrap dress designed by my all time favorite, Ms Diane von Furstenberg. I have been fortunate enough to have collected 12 of her amazing dresses at a variety of thrift stores over the years. My very favorite is a vintage leopard print wrap. (Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $18) Though the print is bold, it somehow manages to work well as a day and an evening dress. This is why I love DVF so much. Her dresses are both functional and glamorous! 



Besides my love for the wrap dress, I’m also a fiend for a beautiful romper. The movie reminded me of this black New York & Co romper. (Freestyle, $14) It’s sexy, sophisticated, and embodies everything 70’s.


I paired my modern piece with vintage jewelry from the 70’s (given to me by the original owner as well) and a vintage fur coat that belonged to a curator from my works grandmother! I just love the history behind my vintage pieces. Image



 If you haven’t seen American Hustle you should, if only for the incredible fashion! 

Until next time…


The Dress Fiend


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