She believed she could so she did



Today’s post is short and sweet: 

Dreams can become realities if we stop for a moment and realize that anything is possible when we work for it and believe in ourselves. Everyday when I wake up I start my day by smiling. It’s gratitude and humility that keeps me grounded and I never want to forget that. I smile even if my heart is aching, smile when the stresses of the unknown shows its scary face, smile when I had to bike for three years all around Sacramento rain or shine, and lastly, I smile because I know in my heart that I was put on this planet to make some kind of a difference.

There go those gifts again. Life is a gift and I choose to always keep my head up because my little fashion dreams become more and more of a reality everyday. Never let go of your dreams and always believe that anything is possible. 

I leave you this evening with a smile…



3 thoughts on “She believed she could so she did

    • Thank you Ms Karen :) I always try to be honest about what I’ve been through and how I’ve over come my obstacles. Fashion has helped me in so many ways.

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