Tonight’s post is dedicated to my good friend John who is genuinely one of the best guys I know. He is kind, brilliant, honest, loyal, loving, and has the biggest heart. He is a rare breed indeed and I knew the first time I laid eyes on him that there wasn’t an ounce of bad in him.

So recently when he was hurt by someone and feeling a little blue my heart went out to him. He’s never one to feel sorry for himself and always puts others first. Today he told me the most beautiful and uplifting story that I’ve heard in a long time. The story taught me to never judge a book by its cover because you never know who might just change your life, mood, and perspective for the better in a matter of minutes.

Please enjoy this uplifting story. It put a big smile on my face and I hope it does to others as well. People can be cruel sometimes and we can focus so obsessively on the why’s and the how’s of these cruel behaviors. But, sometimes we get lucky and have a mere stranger, a homeless man in this case, set us straight. Maybe there really are angels out there, John I think you found one today.

John’s dialogue:

(Hope this story helps at least one other person)

To set up the story I have been in a semi bad mood for a week and a really bad mood since the weekend (I know it might be hard to believe but lol yes me…and work is phenomenal so it’s not that)
Sooo I was walking down the street today and made a right turn around the corner of a building, walked another 50 feet past a homeless gentlemen named Timothy who was walking towards me. Here is our conversation:
• Timothy: It’s not worth it
• Me: (Completely in my own world) Pardon, what was that?
• Timothy: Whatever you are thinking about, it’s not worth it
• Me: Lol, how’d you know I am thinking in a stressed way?
• Timothy: You’re face was scrunched like I have never seen anyone…did you try your best?
• Me: Yeah
• Timothy: Did you give it your all?
• Me: Yeah
• Timothy: Did you do it the right way?
• Me: Yeah
• Timothy: Stick your arms out like a helicopter and turn 360 degrees
• Me: Okay (Right when I saw Timothy again)
• Timothy: That’s all you can control. Move on. I don’t know why it didn’t work either timing, situation, etc…just move on being that stressed is never worth it.
• Me: (Complete smiles) Wow, thank you. You completely snapped it out of me.

(Some people have said Timothy was an angel, I don’t know what he was but it certainly helped turn my world upside down and I just hope it can help you or someone you know too)





Weekend Getaway: Thrifted Summer Look


This is the first summer in many many moons where I feel like I’m actually enjoying the season and taking the time to get some much needed R&R. This past year at work was non stop and the nice weekend getaway I experienced this weekend was the perfect antidote to calm this busy bee’s mind, body, and soul.

We are very lucky here in California with all of the vast and diverse terrain surrounding us. This past weekend I experienced the wine country, (I don’t drink, but I do appreciate its beauty) the Russian River, and the picturesque beaches. All three of these places were with in a 30 mile radius of each other.

So going into my work week tomorrow I feel an incredible sense of calm and tranquility. By the looks of the pictures below you can probably tell why :)

For my perfect weekend getaway look I opted for this easy to wear Free People dress from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, ($25) Italian made floppy hat from SPCA thrift, ($6) & espadrilles from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift. ($14)





TIP: The dress I’m wearing is PERFECT for traveling. The cotton material naturally has a crinkled look to it so you can literally throw it into your bag, unfold it, and be off with your vacation day. The dress is by Free People. Pay attention to this brand when thrifting, it’s fab!

If you have any thrift or styling questions please ask away!


The Dress Fiend



Dressy on a Dime

I take a lot of pride in looking like a million bucks on a shoe string budget. Just because I don’t make exuberant amounts of money doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice the glitz and the glam. My mission is to spill all of my frugal thrifting secrets and prove to people that high end designer pieces are  hiding at your local thrift, consignment, and vintage stores.  IMG_0213 Someone’s throw away become my treasures at these wonderful second hand stores I frequent. This Ralph Lauren gown is the perfect example of looking dressy on a dime and definitely a treasure in my book. I mean, look at the details on top of the sleeves! It’s the perfect 20’s style dress.IMG_0203IMG_0212 A dress like this will blend well in any fancy pants parties and no one would ever know that you got it second hand for $25 bucks! Unless you tell on yourself like I do ;)  I threw on my sparkly vintage earrings (SPCA thrift) and my second hand Jimmy Choo’s ($40 at Crossroad’s Trading Co) and I was ready for a fabulous night on the town. Now, if only I had somewhere to wear this beautiful dress to…IMG_0209

For something a little more vintage I found this stunning 50’s lace and velvet dress at the Alameda Antique Faire for $10! I’m normally one to bargain for everything at antique faires, but when the dealer said $10 I took it. It’s just exquisite and look at the delicate  floral lace. IMG_0162

The sweet heart neck line is just darling and flattering on so many different body types. The construction of the dress is just incredible, too. The top has boning and molds to the body perfectly – they just don’t make them like they used to! Going along with the floral lace, I opted for a vintage floral necklace from Thrift Town ($5.99) and floral vintage earrings from the Alameda Antique Faire. ($5)


Next time you have a nice event to attend don’t forget that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Your next glamorous outfit is right around the corner at your local thrift, vintage, or antique faire for pennies on the dollar.

Please let me know if  you have any thrift or styling questions! Would love to help. Love, The Dress Fiend

Stay Inspired

This evening as I ran around the park reflecting upon my day I glanced up to see the words ‘Stay Inspired’ inscribed on a fellow runner’s shirt. I took this as a sign to do that extra lap and continue pursuing my dreams relating to the wonderful world where fashion and art meet. 

As my sense of style evolves, I pick up things along the way and last month at the Alameda Antique Faire I stumbled upon the most darling vintage silk scarf. ($4) A light bulb went off in my head and the birth of my new obsession with head scarves blossomed. IMG_0244-4

For a little fashion inspiration, here are three different ways I wore my head scarf recently. It’s so versatile, classy, stylish, and can be dressed up or down. I know we are just beginning summer, but I’ll say it: Head scarves are awesome and everyone should have one if not ten in their summer wardrobe. I mean, you can be having the worst hair day and put on a beautiful vintage scarf and viola! You look fabulous… IMG_0227-4IMG_0260IMG_0250-4IMG_0238

TIP: The Alameda Antique Faire is like adult Disneyland for me. I highly suggest it! It’s the 1st Sunday of the month, info here:

Outfits: Everything but the overalls and scarf from Thrift Town. Overalls from Freestyle Clothing Exchange 

Please let me know if you have any styling, thrifting, or general questions about fashion – I would be more than happy to help! 


The Dress Fiend




Bohemian Days


My style is ever evolving, but one thing is always constant – my love for vintage. 60’s fashion will always remain my favorite era for vintage, but as of late I have been sneaking over to the 70’s side.
Vintage and thrift shopping speaks to me in ways that no contemporary new department store can. My style is a direct result from my years of exploring all the different aisles upon aisles of second hand wonders.
The other day I dreamt of hot summer nights with a beautiful dress that flowed in the warm breezy air. I dreamt of beautiful head scarves, big sunglasses, and a smile that glistened from ear to ear.  Lucky for me, I dream of ensembles for inspiration and sometimes I’m lucky enough to find my dreamt up looks in my favorite thrift stores.
My Bohemian flowing dress dreams came to fruition this past weekend at my beloved Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store. IMG_0613They have a small vintage section, but because they are meticulous about what they buy from people it’s always good! The beautiful floral print flows with the greatest of ease in the hot summer winds. IMG_0615

And you can never go wrong pairing that perfect vintage dress with an even more perfect pair of vintage 70’s glasses. IMG_0609Big shout of to my friend Omonivie of Tula in Bloom for making the beautiful earrings I have on. IMG_0617She’s a true artist, check her out:
Also, if you are in Sacramento please check out one of the 4 Freestyle Clothing Exchange’s for some of the best vintage:
Outfit details:
Vintage 70’s dress, Freestyle, $12
Vintage 70’s shades, Sac Antique Faire, $2
Espadrilles, Freestyle, $15