Polks Dots: Then, Now, and Forever

I’m pretty much convinced that every girl loves polka dots, ok maybe not everyone, but a lot! It’s the universal pattern for all things adorable, classic, and dainty. I mean, even guys can rock a polka dot tie – see, it’s that amazing.

Whenever I find an incredible polka dot piece I buy it. And when it’s a vintage piece I do a little ‘happy Phoebe dance’ in the store. I’m kinda of a dork if you didn’t already pick up on that ;)

A couple of months ago, while shopping at the Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco, I stumbled upon this beauty of a polka dot dress. The dress spoke to me and said, ‘girl, you have to get me. I NEED to be in your dress collection.’ I naturally listened, tried it on, and had to have it. It has pockets! They don’t call me The Dress Fiend for nothing…

If you are in San Francisco or LA, please make sure to check out Buffalo Exchange. They are a Buy/Sell/Trade store. And the beauty of this store is that they actually carry vintage!


Vintage dress, Buffalo Exchange, $18 / Pearl Earrings, Thrift Town, $1.99 / Ann Taylor heels, Thrift Town, $15.99




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