To thy own self be true

The idea of getting back to the authentic self has been heavy on my mind this last month. As humans, we get so caught up with the world around us that we forget sometimes to check in on the most important thing: ourselves.

I am a bonafide people pleaser, who at times, has wanted so badly to make others happy that I lost track of my very own happiness. I became a chameleon molding to what ever I felt you wanted me to be. This meant that each time I changed color to match my surroundings, I lost a little bit of myself more and more till eventually I felt completely empty.

Looking back at some of my destructive behaviors, I now realize that a large part of the destructiveness was because of my unwillingness to dig deeply and find out why I was hurting to begin with. I’ve spent the last five years rebuilding my life and can say with certainty that I am on the right path to self discovery and living a rich and authentic ‘Phoebe.’

During my journey to finding the real me, I was lucky enough to find something that made me shine. Fashion is one element to many in my self discovery journey, but it is a big one. Fashion, style, and being creative has helped me mold into who I want to be, not what I think the world wants me to be. Once I stopped caring, I felt a freedom I had never felt before. That freedom was peace of mind knowing that for the first time in my life I was listening to my heart.

One of my favorite sayings is ‘To thy own self be true.’ There is nothing more empowering then knowing who you are, having confidence, and sharing that with the world around you – it’s truly a gift.

Today, what gift are you sharing with the world? I would love to hear from you :)

My gift today is paying gratitude to Julie Johnson of Third Wheel Photo for taking these wonderful photos. She has such a creative eye and I loved her positive attitude and energy. My other gift is the continuation of my love for thrifting and sharing that with the world. Thrift has so many positive layers to it from being affordable, unique one of a kind pieces, to knowing that for every thrift piece you pick up is one less article of clothing in the landfill. That’s some feel good fashion right there!


Free People romper and J.Crew espadrilles from Crossroads Trading Company ($18 & $25, the shoes were new!) and the necklace is hand beaded from Guatemala.












5 thoughts on “To thy own self be true

    • Thank you so much! Free People brand makes the most beautiful Bohemien clothing. You should check out Crossroads, they always have a ton at a fraction of the price! :)

      • Thank you! I love free people but i can’t get myself to pay the money for one of their dresses! I’ll be checking the site immediately I’m so excited :)

  1. So many women (me included) struggle with trying to take care of everyone but us…I think, though you have a much stronger persona than you know, Phoebe. I have only met you twice in person, but I felt this instant feeling of being cared for, in a good way…someone who had a good sense of her purpose. We all need to carry on with that journey of finding our true selves and helping others along the way (and better yet, in beautiful, recycled clothing..I frequently.wear my finds from our thrift store tour in Roseville.. .)  Catherine

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  2. Catherine,
    Your message here just touched me so much :) thank you for your kind beautiful words. And I’m thrilled to hear that you wear your thrifted items from the tour! Please continue to keep in touch. I’m going to start writing on this site again. I don’t get as much feedback on the other as I do here. Thanks so much and take care :)

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