What can I say, I’m a bona fide thrift store junkie obsessed with finding the most amazing items for next to nothing. It’s been a passion of mine since middle school and I have come to the conclusion through my thrifting research that anyone can look like a million bucks on a budget! High fashion is attainable with a little creativity and a lot of savviness. I’m here to teach and hope that my years of experience thrifting can help someone else be the inner fashionista they’ve always wanted to be…


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  1. HI! we would love to feature you on our show Good Day Sacramento! A viewer sent in your blog and we love it! My name is Amy. I am an anchor/reporter on the show. Can you email me if you are interested? I can give you more details over the phone.
    Thanks, Amy Carabba

    • Hi Amy,

      Wow! I would love to be featured on Good Day Sacramento! I emailed you last night with my phone number, hope to hear back from you soon. How exciting!

    • Noelsy!!! Omg, so good to hear from you :) Glad you like my blog, did you get a chance to see the video segment of me on TV? I just love doing all this stuff and love that I’m able to teach people that you don’t have to spend a ton to look good! How are you?!

      • Hi Pheobes, I did see the TV segment ,Craig showed me its very impressive and how exciting for you, your a natural.
        You don’t have an email anymore probably ,I am old school not on the face book,twitter technology scares me. Rachelle keeps me in the loop with what your doing.
        Rob and I going good the boys not around so much anymore with there jobs,travel and girls etc. but they are grown up and like to do there thing huh. Gramps still going strong and still very cheeky going to be 84 in April good on him.
        Say hi to your mum for me, I will keep looking at your blog I find it a happy site and can do with fashion tips.
        All the very best to you.
        Well done girlfriennnnd!!!
        Noelsy x

      • Thanks Noelsy! I really appreciate your support :) We should definitely become pen pals again?! I miss you and would love to catch up.

  2. Hi Pheobes,
    All the best for Christmas and 2013 , its great to see all your goings on with your dressfiend site- lovely.
    We having Christmas at home and then going to a girlfriends for Boxing day for a BBQ will be nice.
    Craig in London doing the Europe thing so he won’t be here for Christmas or New Year you’ll probably see all his photos on face book no doubt. Show and tell ha!!
    Saw your 2nd TV appearance with you zipping around the store, did it well.
    Have a good Chrisy
    Noelsy x

    • Hi Noelsy,
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and NYE over in Australia. Things were really nice over here, mom and I had a mellow day and ate really well :) Glad you are liking my blog, it is so much fun! Plus, I absolutely love promoting thrifting and that you don’t have to break the bank to look good. I’m actually going to be on TV again this Sunday at 9 am my time.(3rd time!) I will forward the link to you so maybe you can watch it online! Hope all is well and give my love to your family, I think of you often.

  3. Hi Phoebe,

    I teach a film class at a public school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I have a group of four 10th grade girls creating a short documentary about buying fashionable clothes at thrift stores. They would love the opportunity to interview you via Skype about this topic. The interview would be short- 15 to 20 minutes. If this is something you are interested in doing please let me know. Thanks for your time and happy new year! My e-mail is cap10media at gmail.

    • Hello! Oh, I would absolutely love love love to be interviewed by your 10th graders. I think this is fantastic and how wonderful that they are taking an interest in thrifting! I will email you later. Here’s my blog’s Facebook page if you or any of the students would like to follow me there: http://www.facebook.com/TheDressFiend Would be awesome if you guys could ‘like’ the page. I post quite a bit there. Thanks again for the nice message and I’ll be in contact soon!

  4. Hi Pheobe,
    Oh you are doing so well and I love all the different looks you put together, clever.
    It really is a lovely blog and you present so many ideas for people who want to look good without breaking the bank good for you.
    We have had quite a few hot days in Perth lately over 40’s looks like a storm is coming in so will cool things down which is good.
    Cam(Dad) coming to Perth tommorow for check ups with Doc’s, he came away with us on holidays fishing in Jurien Bay (North of Perth) was lovely to have him for the 10days.
    Rob & I have started Ball room dancing its turning out to be really fun, love it. I also have been doing line dancing which incorporates all the ball room dancing moves and the music is so beautiful.
    A Burmese lady takes the class and there are quite a few Burmese girls also in the class they are full of fun.
    I had to start a hobby of my own as the boys are off doing their thing, I baby sit Rachelle’s children every now and then, see them quite a lot.
    Anyways lovely to see your doing so well.
    Luv Noelsy xx

    • Hi Noelsy!
      Sorry for my late reply back! Always soooo nice to hear from you. I think about you all the time :) And thank you for liking the blog and for thinking my outfits are clever. I absolutely love fashion on a budget and teaching people how to style what they have and to not have to break the bank! Noelsy, you should see my dining room! I just converted into my very own working styling studio! I’ll post pics :) Ahhh, Jurien Bay – I went there with you guys. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I’ve been home. Crazy how time flies. I do miss you guys and thankful for all the memories I have of you :) We should Skype sometime so we can see each other!
      Love, Pheebs

    • Hi, so sorry for my late response back to you! Thank you so much for loving my blog, yours is amazing too! So, I’m a little stupid when it comes to buttons or adding my Facebook or Instagram to my blog. (there’s a lot I still need to learn) I need to sit down with someone and figure that out. If you have any suggestions I would love the help! Ps I have a FB page for the dress fiend and on instagram under same name :)

      • Yes I am loving the facebook page – especially that shot today of you on the steps – great colours.
        Tech can be so time consuming I know. For a button you just need a square image with your name written on it (see my sidebar) and you’re away!
        Keep up the great work

  5. Hi Pheebs,
    Its been a while just been putting along, I am always having a look on your blog to see what your up to.
    Rob and I are still doing our Ballroom dancing we are in our second beginners class it was advised we keep on going in this class ha! ha!
    We have done so far the Square Rumba,Slow Rhythm,Cha Cha,Waltz, Quick Step and Jive its so fun, we went to a birthday party on Saturday 60’s night dress up and we hopped on the floor and did our thing, we trod on each others toes every now and then and had a few discussions about which step was what but all turned out okay.
    I have been reading these books they have become like my bible lately so good , Doctor Phil put me onto them – the author is American Richard Carlson (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Stop thinking start living, and Slow down to the speed of life) he has some others also. I find them so helpful I might have told you about them when you were in Australia.
    I gave Stop thinking start living to Gary. He is going okay back with Lorraine again I think you met her.
    Looks like Craig heading off to USA in September with a mate from North Fremantle .
    They are all back into Footy again great to see them out there.
    Cam coming down next week Kelly’s birthday (Rach’s little girl) he has a little dog called Gracie and she also comes to Little Bi…
    she keeps him on his toes, she loves him to bits though good company for him.
    Great to see you going so well keep up the good work.
    All the best
    Luv Noelsy

  6. I just saw you this morning on Good Day and I had to check out your blog. I am hooked. I always hear about people finding great items at the thift stores so I am excited to see if I too can pick up your tips so I can find my own style too :) Thanks

    • Hi Denisse! Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! :) If you have any thrifting questions, please feel free to ask away. Sorry for the late response back, it’s been a crazy week. But, I promise to get back sooner next time.

  7. Hi Phoebe,

    Amy from Good Day Sacramento just came to our new consignment store in Roseville. She told me about you and I would love to have you shop at our store and put together an inexpensive outfit and add it to your blog. We will be happy to give you a discount as well.

  8. Sent you a message that went to your “other” box on facebook. Wondering if you would consider helping with another charity fashion show. Thanks!

  9. Congrats on your success & fashion endeavors!!! During these economic times who has $400 bucks to spend on a hand bag? Blessings! -d

    • Thank you Diana, I appreciate it. I know I sure don’t have $400 to spend on a hand bag, but $10? Yes, please! I’ve made it an art that you don’t have to spend a lot to look great. Thrifting has been good to me and now I feel it’s my civic duty to share that to the world. Hope you are doing well!

  10. Loved watching you on Good Day today! My mom was a thrifty junkie in the 80’s and my brother and I adored her finds for us…I am a clearance rack guru, but you have inspired me to go a little further to get the best deals. Thank you!!

  11. I saw you on Good Day Sacramento today. But I didn’t catch the last place you went to. I also love to shop at thrift stores. I bought my daughters prom dress years ago at Tinkled Pink Consignment. But they have moved and I can’t find them. Do you know where they went? The other store I can’t find is Act II. They are great consignment stores. Maybe I will run into you at my next adventure thrifty. Cindy Shanahan

    • Thank YOU so much for the kind words Cindy! The last store I went to was Freestyle Clothing Exchange – I LOVE them! The two stores you are talking about I’ve never heard of unfortunately :( But a few other consignment stores I think are great are French Cuff, Sei Bella Boutique, and Article Clothing. If you do see me out thrifting please do say hi! :)

      • Hi Pheobe,
        Love your work and really look forward to having a peek at the dressfiend site.
        Craig told me he has been in touch and going to pop in and see you in Sacramento ,he gets around ,doing South America also with Troy Chevlin from footy club you may know him when you see him. Its great that he is travelling has the bug for it.
        Wintery day today quite cold and has been raining, Cam has been in Perth for a week had a few appointments he went back to farm today with his little Jack Russel – Gracie.
        Rob and I are getting back into dancing had a break over winter so can’t wait should be fun.
        Still doing my line dancing and loving it they have lovely music all the old tunes they are great.
        Rob and I will have to venture over to America one day will save our pennies and hopefully get there. We find it hard taking time off away from the business. We went to KL, Phuket and Singapore in May for 10 days, 7 of those were business days as long weekend included. Rob feels he is not to long away we had a lovely time.
        Went on a bike tour half day (22kms) I could hardly walk afterwards, there was 10 fella’s from the USS Nimitz (R&R)on the tour with us they were way out ahead of us, we did it though and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery out in the country side of Phuket.
        Sounds like things are going along lovely for you ,good on you.
        Say hi to Mum for me.
        Noelsy xx

  12. Hi Pheobe,
    All the best for Christmas and the New Year 2014.
    Craig’s clothes arrived so all good there , we haven’t heard much about his visit with you but I know you would have had some fun. Saw some photos on face book, Brad showed me, I am not into face book to techno for me.
    Craig in Chile and having a blast just cycled the World’s most deadliest road he made it out alive thank goodness.
    You have had some great experiences this year I have loved hearing about it all when viewing your site good on you, keep it going you’ve found your niche.
    Love to you
    Noelsy xx

    • Hi Noelsy!
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas yourself in Australia :) I miss you guys over there. It was great having Craig and his Mate over in Sacramento. Craig has grown into such a nice young man! Mom and I are doing really well. We went on a little trip together last week to the snow and it was just lovely. We hadn’t done anything together like that in 10 years. This year really has been remarkable for me. I am so very grateful for all that I have accomplished and will continue working hard in 2014. I know the direction I want to go now and have all the faith that I will make my dreams come true. Would love to come and visit you guys one day. Hope all is well and please give my love to your family. Happy New Year!!!
      Love, Phoebe

      • Hi Pheobe,
        I just received an email from you it was Hotmail email, it just had a nasar link scam, I deleted.
        Thought I would let you know just in case something shonky going on with it, it actually came to Rob’s email.
        Have been keeping up with your dress fiend site and you are going so well, good for you.
        Teaching the young children your fashion tips sounds like fun.
        Keep up the great work.
        Rob and I walked around the river the other day , thought of us when we used to power out the miles.
        All the best Phoebes.
        Luv Noelsy x

  13. – I don’t know who Paul Jenkins is, but I love the dress! I like how the other two dresses match the artwork as well.
    Hey, another local blogger said that 4/12 is a Clothing Swap day (denoted by Thrifty Hunter Magazine); I know you’d arranged a swap before. Are you planning on doing another? I would love to be a part of it.

  14. hey there I saw you goodday Sacramento approximate we could go but I’ve seen you on there many times before my question is I thought you announced or somebody said that you would come to someone’s home like mine and help go through the closet and take out clothes and shoes and purses that would be awesome if I we can set that up I live in El Dorado Hills

  15. Hi, any chance you are interested in selling the red leather pants from your previous post? I would love to rock them if you are done. Jill

    • If I still had them I would sell them to you in a heart beat :) I can keep my eye out for you though if I see anymore while out thrifting! Here’s my number: 916-955-3879. I can always text you photos of things I find that might interest ya!

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