Momma’s to be: Style, thrifting, & tips for looking your best while pregnant

Last week’s Maternity Wear segment on Good Day Sacramento was one of my favorite looks I’ve put together since I started doing the show last November. All three girls definitely had that pregnancy ‘glow’ and made my Parisian/nautical vision an … Continue reading

Timeless pieces never go out of fashion…

Recently I’ve been in the process of doing some deep deep cleaning when it comes to my clothing and accessories inventory. I’m doing this for two reasons: 1.) I have TOO much stuff! and 2.) I’ve decided to start an eBay business to start sharing with the world all my fabulous thrift store finds. Though it’s nearing fall, I felt a ‘spring cleaning’ was in order and went through everything to see what I should either keep, donate, or put up on the new eBay store.

Somewhere along the pillaging of my dresses something magical happened. I began discovering long lost loves, aka dresses I had totally forgotten about. My style over all is pretty timeless/classic and this was apparent when I stumbled across a dress I bought 9 years ago at Crossroads Trading Company. It is the epitome of classic style (White House Black Market brand) and when I slipped it on I felt just as lovely in it today as I did when I bought it all those years ago. I was brought back to a time when I wore it in New York to the MET Opera House. That was a pretty magical night filled with opera, a lovely Chagall painting, 5 course dinner, love, and my beautiful black and white strapless dress. I remember thinking how I felt like Audrey Hepburn that night.

The dress is a White House Black Market brand dress and made impeccably. I’m so thankful that I found it again this weekend and had the opportunity to re fall in love with it. A dress like this will be beautiful yesterday, today, and forever….it’s definitely a keeper!

If you are interested in my new eBay store you can click on this link to see what I have up! I only have a few things right now, but many more to come:

Outfit: White House Black Market dress from Crossroads, ($15) Chandelier earrings from Deseret Industries, ($3) Patent leather clutch from Deseret Industries, ($3) and black pumps from Freestyle Clothing Exchange ($15)

TIP: Some key pieces I suggest investing in while thrifting are classic pieces like the dress I have on here. Another style of dress that I can’t get enough of are wrap dresses. I still have a wrap dress from when I was 18! You can never go wrong with a nice black and white print, too.


Black and white pattern play

Tick tock tick tock, the minutes are coming to a close this evening. I have committed myself to a new fitness regime, also known as yoga. I took the plunge and got the unlimited monthly pass and have made it a goal of mine to do 90 classes in 90 days. I’ve needed a new fitness challenge in my life and my fallback, running, hasn’t been working for me as of late. I suppose it’s the social and spiritual aspect of the practice that I enjoy and, well, the great exercise. Soooo, long story short: I have to be up at 5:45 am to make my 6:15 am class in the morning, so tonight’s post will be short and sweet. Wish me luck getting up! 

I’m a HUGE fan of color, but I’m also a big big fan of graphic black and white patterns. Black and white can be so versatile, classy, and plain sexy. It’s the perfect pattern to play up with all your fun colorful accessories! The dress I have on in the picture below is a Liz Claiborne dress from Thrift Town that was hand dyed in India. The fabric is just stunning and the shape of the dress perfectly classy and elegant. I had fun with these photos and loved the juxtaposition of the black and white dress with the black and white checkered wall just lying around in my back yard. See! Inspiration everywhere! 

The classy and elegant dress was turned up a notch with the amazing Ferragamo shoes I also found at Thrift Town. I mean, how cute are they? Can’t beat a pair of beautiful Italian shoes, especially at $24.99! (they retail for well over $400 new!)

Alright Ms Short and Sweet must hit the hay now, but remember my fun fashionistas: If you are ever in a stump on what to wear or wanting to add a fun new piece to your wardrobe; look no further than an amazing black and white print. Simple, elegant, chic, classy, sexy, bold, dramatic, shall I go on?…


Liz Claiborne dress, Thrift Town, $15 (new with tags on)

Hair piece given to me by a sweet antique dealer at the Sac Antique Faire

Necklace, co – worker made

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Thrift Town, $24.99


Classic hat, modern dress

I have a deep appreciation for the classics. Vintage pieces speak to me like old friends wanting to catch up… tell stories. When I find a good piece I am giddy like a kid in a candy store. Seriously, it’s a rush! Mmm, candy and vintage clothing – that’s a recipe for amazingness. I have a weakness for the sugar, too ;)

My absolute favorite way to dress, how ever, is to combine these beautiful vintage pieces with contemporary ones. This way, I feel like it’s a modern take on something old. I feel I owe it to the vintage pieces to keep their story alive. But, I don’t always want to look like I completely stepped out of the 40’s, so I like to add a little ‘newness’ to my outfits.

I was recently getting my shop on at a local Thrift Town and stumbled upon this lovely mint condition red wool hat. It was made in the U.S. and if I were guessing, I’d say it came from the late 40’s early 50’s. The price tag for it was $24.99, which is a little high, but absolutely worth it for such a beautiful piece of art and history. 

I remembered that I had a black and white J.Crew dress from Thrift Town and had a feeling it would go quite nicely with my vintage hat. Best part about the dress was the price tag! Would you believe it was only $2.99?! Now, that makes paying $24.99 for the hat totally worth it!

I think the combination is the perfect example of how the old and new can compliment each other. The shoes are vintage as well purchased at SPCA thrift ($10) – great vintage shoes there! 

Happy thrifting everyone and please let me know if you have thrifting or styling questions :)

TIP: Download the Thrift Town app on your iPhone/smart phone to  receive VIP coupons and updates on the latest sales and promotions! 


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