Black and white pattern play: Part 2

I want to start this blog post with the very wise quote by Dr. Seuss that I periodically mention: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” On Thursday evening I had the most wonderful serendipitous moment happen … Continue reading

The life aquatic with a splash of humility…

When life throws you punches, get your gloves up and roll with it. Today was an interesting blend of vignettes that had me all over the map emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It was neither spectacular nor bad, but rather an interesting revelation of who I am, who I’ve become, and how I deal with the unexpected turn of events that life presents itself.

With that said, I decided to end my interesting whirlwind of a day with a nice run around the park. The run began sunny, with rays beaming through the trees. Moments later, sunlight skies quickly turned to darkness and torrential down pour. I couldn’t believe how quickly Mother Nature changed her ways and gave us the water we had been so desperately needing from the dry April month before us. When the rain started, I was still a mile away from home and decided to embrace the change of weather with a smile and kid like demeanor. I tore my fake lashes off, (yes, I ran with lashes on! I was gussied up from an earlier engagement that day – don’t judge) put my iphone in my sports bra, let out a little scream, and jumped in every puddle on the way home! Oh my god, remember how fun it used to be to jump in puddles as a kid? Well, it’s still fun!

As I approached home drenched beyond belief, I smiled and thanked the Universe for another day alive. In that moment I embraced the ‘life aquatic’ and took in that little splash of humility that the rain provided with open arms. Life will always have bumps, (like today did) but it is up to me as to how I deal with such events. I decided a couple of years ago not to fret the small stuff anymore and roll with what ever punches life throws my way, good or bad…  I have absolute faith that the Universe/Chi/Energy/Spirits/What ever you want to call it has a plan for me. What that exact plan is, I have no idea and that’s ok. 

A really close friend of mine lost her sweet Momma last week and another friend was in a bad car accident. Anytime I feel sorry for myself or have a rough day, I am reminded that my problems are so minuscule compared to the rest of the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to you two. Love you both.