Honoring my Momma for National Sewing Month

September marks National Sewing Month and I can think of no one more talented than my sweet mother, Deborah. My mom raised me by herself and we definitely had our hard times growing up financially. But, even through the hardest … Continue reading

M.M.M.M.M. – Mad Men Meets Modern Misses

When you combine sweets, vintage hats, and an awesome fundraising effort; you have brilliant night written all over it. Not only was the Mad Hatter Meets Mad Men event for a great cause, but it was very entertaining and DELICIOUS! No seriously, the hats the women wore were out of this world and drool worthy. And the sweets, OMG the sweets! When you have Ginger Elizabeth chocolates as the Honorary Chair you are sure to be in for a treat. (not sure if people know this about me, but I LOVE dessert. It is my serious guilty pleasure in the food department)

Can I just tell you how frickin’ excited I was to finally wear one of my vintage hats out in public! When I put on the 60’s Jonathan Logan vintage dress with the light blue vintage pill box hat, I instantly felt like I had been transported back to the 60’s, or at least been a character in Mad Men! I felt so glamorous walking down Midtown in my fancy hat!

Enough about me! Some of the other women in attendance wore some killer hats as well. The one I loved the most was the light pink hat below next to the lady wearing the orange hat. There was something just spectacular about it to me. Then after talking with her for a bit, I found out her mother had picked it out for her. (apparently her mom has a vintage store in the Foothills, why didn’t I get her #?!) It was so reminiscent of the 60’s era and reminded me of some kind of delicious delicatessen set delicately on top of her head. See, I still have sweets on the mind…

Over all, it was a fun night filled with laughter, good Mad Men fashion, sweets, and all in the name of a good cause for our beloved Fairytale Town.. You just can’t beat that! 

Below are a few photos from the evening with some of my favorite hats, hairstyles, and makeup:





“I’ll take dresses with a side of dessert please”

Do you ever have those moments in life where it’s non stop crazy busy; be it in your job or personal life? Oh my gosh, that was me this past weekend! There was one point at work Saturday morning that I almost cried and I NEVER cry at work.

Isn’t that just life though? Where you stroll along with the greatest of ease and all of a sudden BAM! things get busy, crazy, and a tad bit tough. Life wouldn’t be fun any other way right? Well, work needless to say was very busy and a little cra cra this past weekend. (well, past two weeks really!)

As I took my break Saturday at work the sweet sweet waitress (Jessica, bless her heart) from the Cafe bought me a beautiful pink cupcake to cheer me up. That cupcake was exactly what I needed! The little treat got me to thinking about the two things in life that bring me immense joy in times of stress, depression, and blatant craziness.  Might sound silly, but it’s dresses and desserts. I’m simple like that. Phoebe depressed and not wanting to be = Phoebe putting on a dress, going out, and eating dessert. That’s exactly what I did Saturday night after my rough day. I got dolled up, went on a nice date, had an excellent dinner, and finished it with a lovely lovely dessert from The Press Bistro. Ummm, if you haven’t been there please go!

The picture below is an oldie, but I dragged it out of archives because it shows off both a dress and desserts :) The dress is Betsy Johnson ($20) and shoes are Ninewest. ($15) Both items are from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store on 21st and L street.


Cupcakes I decorated myself to match the dress! The picture below this one is an array of all the desserts I consumed this past weekend. Ok, I also had Key Lime pie from Rick’s Dessert Diner, but forgot to take a picture :-/



Happy New Year’s Eve – a big thank you to my fans/friends for supporting me this year!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe these are my last hours of 2012. Man, time flies when you’re having fun right? I have to admit that 2012 was probably my favorite year yet for a multitude of reasons. Not only did I grow personally and emotionally, but I also grew in my career at the Museum and finally started my blog! Shoot, I guess turning 30 did me some good!!! Heck, I grew up and found myself – that makes me smile :)

I want to thank all my fans and friends out there that believed in me throughout this journey of mine. Some of you have known me before the blog, when I would wear my great clothes and talk about one day having the courage to put fingers to laptop and finally write. I am now fully immersed into it and so thankful I mustered up the courage to do so.

Follow your dreams peeps – man, it was a good year!

As if 2012 wasn’t good enough, I got a call from Good Day Sacramento today and they want me on this Sunday, 1/6/13 at 9 am for another segment. Perfect way to start of 2013 right?!

To wrap up 2012, here are a few of my favorite thrifted looks:

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage                                                                                        And the person I’m most grateful and thankful for in 2012 is my sweet dear mom, Deb. We’ve come a long way huh Momma? Have a told you lately that I love you, cause I do. Happy New Year…


Day 23 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month (When art inspires fashion)


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 23:

I LOVE this dress – A LOT! When I found this Diane Von Furstenberg silk dress I was instantly reminded of the late artist Paul Jenkins. My favorite medium is watercolor and Jenkins’ painted in watercolor or acrylic. Even his acrylic paintings were just as beautiful and translucent as watercolors – so luminous and beautiful use of light. His work was Abstract Expressionism at it’s finest and the dress I have on makes me feel like a walking piece of art. DVF has some phenomenal printed fabrics and out of all my dresses by her, this one takes the cake. (P.S. do you notice the ruching in the front and back of the dress? See how flattering it is and why I love it so much? Ladies, keep your eyes out for dresses constructed this way – it flatters SO many different body types!)

Below are a few examples of Jenkins’ work:


DVF, Freestyle, $18 (free because I had trade there)

Red leather heals, Freestyle, $9 (1/2 off, were $18)

Day 20 – October 2012: Buy nothing new month


Recycling my wardrobe – Day 20:

This is a shout out to my wonderful mother, Deb. My mom is honest to god the best seamstress in the whole wide world and sometimes, when I’m lucky, she makes me something. This beautiful 60’s inspired suit was made by my Mommacita about 6 years ago out of light blue and chocolate brown boucle. There’s a high waisted skirt (there I go again with my high waists!) and beautiful jacket. The buttons are exquisite as well and made from tiny little pieces of abalone shells – an abalone mosaic! I just cherish this piece she made me and feel so blessed to call her mom. She inspires me everyday…

I may not be able to afford a Chanel suit, but at least I’m lucky enough to have a mom who can make me a suit just as good :)