Thank you to the Sacramento Business Journal for the fabulous article!

The Sacramento Business Journal article spotlighting myself and all my thrifting endeavors came out Friday and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not only did I get to mention my upcoming Fabulous Thrift Tour, but I got to talk about … Continue reading

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” ~ Audrey Hepburn



Sometimes we need our daily reminder to have faith in what we are doing and that the seemingly impossible at times really means ‘I’m possible’ with a little hard work, passion, and dedication. The rewards sometimes come in small doses like finding yourself smiling at a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike for the first time (so touched by this yesterday) to having the opportunity to work on a magazine photo shoot and fashion show in the same week.

I have my moments of weakness when I start to believe that what I’m doing is silly and that it may never amount to anything. As I sat back in yoga today I shut my head up and didn’t just listen, but heard very clearly the need to not get up and race towards things in life, but rather take a moment to listen to the Universe and when the time is right, take off. When I’m right mind the impossible moves out of the way and allows the positive energy back in to remind me that ‘I’m possible.’ 

Keep following your dreams…

My dream at this present moment is continue on with my love of affordable fashion, styling, and inspiring others to be the best they can be no matter their circumstance. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make this into a career one day. 

I hope my clothes inspire you to think outside the box and have a little fun a long the way… :)


Vintage late 60’s dress from the Sac Antique Faire, $15 – Vintage sunnies from Deseret Industries, $1 – Ninewest heels form Freestyle, $15


Believe in something bigger…

Image                  …Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth…

I’m not a religious person, but I find absolute comfort in Ganesh. A little back story… 3 1/2 years ago I was going through some TOUGH stuff and went over to my friend Jenna’s house to visit with her mother. Her mother was/is a spiritual healer and had just acquired a crystal light bed from Brazil. You lay on the bed and she adjusted the crystals above you to match up with all of your chakras. And if you believed in it or not, you asked the spirits or what ever you want to call them/it to help heal what ever ailment was bothering you at the time. I was in such a bad place physically and emotionally that I was willing to believe and ask for healing. She turned the lights on, which then radiated through the crystals. She placed a towel over my eyes and said that I might feel things or see things and to just remain calm and relaxed. Crazy right?! Well, with the towel over my eyes I laid back and began to relax. As I laid there, I opened my eyes through the towel to then see an elephant type figure on the wall. This image was foreign to me, I had no clue what it was. I took the towel off my face and the elephant figure was no longer there. I thought maybe it had just been something I visualized in my head and proceeded to put the towel back on my eyes. After another minute or so, with the towel on my face, I saw it again. There wasn’t a sense of fright from this, but rather a sense of calm and comfort. After Jenna’s mom came back into the room I told her what I had experienced and she smiled and said that the vision I saw was was Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles.

For a girl that had a million obstacles preventing her from getting healthy again, it was enough for me to believe that maybe I do have something greater than myself watching over me. Two days after that I went to a yoga studio in SF and there stood Ganesh in the door way. Might sound crazy, but the deity brings me immense comfort in times when all seems to be failing me or even when all things are going well.

Believing in something bigger can be in the form of a deity like Ganesh, or just believing that if you keep working hard the Universe will reward you in the end. Once I made a decision all those years ago to change the course of my life, the energy/Universe started to show itself in the most beautiful and profound of ways. Things I had only dreamt of started to become realities .

In the hardest of times I have to believe and have faith that everything is going to work out. Bumps along the road just add character and empower me to rise above and be a better person because of it. If your dreams and goals are scaring you, believe in something bigger!!! Believe that you are fully capable of accomplishing anything.

I started believing in my love for fashion and being creative again when I decided to turn my life around. I’d like to think that maybe Ganesh is all around protecting me and guiding me towards the brighter light of things. Each day that goes by, I feel more and more blessed and grateful for all that has happened.

90% contentment 8% joy 2% gratitude…

Fashion is my medicine and allows me to be free and creative and for that I am supremely grateful.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to revisit the crystal light bed and the things I asked the spirits to help me with this time are very different from the past. I realize that I’ve grown a lot from 3 1/2 years ago and that all the ailments that had been bothering me then have been healed. I didn’t see Ganesh this time, but I did feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace after.

It was a lovely weekend filled with love, yoga, friendship, gratitude, and a whole lot of zen going on. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend…

Fun outfit post and vignettes of this weekend:

Thrifted 60’s outfit, both from Freestyle ($5 and $5)


Spring has Sprung

We are well into the Spring season and flowers, warmth, and bird chirping is amongst us. I love nothing more than to throw on a comfortable, yet sexy dress for the warmer weather. Mix in a statement necklace and a cute pair of flats and you are well on to your Spring styling ways…

Prim and proper is what I do best, but sometimes I let my naturally curly hair go and embrace the easy breezy comfortable side of things. Shoot, I even wear flats sometimes! 

I am in love with this long tie dyed dress and feel not only comfortable in it, but sexy, too! I don’t like to wear short dresses because I’m not comfortable in them, but a long racer back dress is right up my ally ;)


Tie dyed dress, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $10

Necklace, handmade by my dear Momma

Steve Madden flats, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $13


RIP Ol’ Blue 4/18/13

I’m sad to report that my beloved bicycle, Ol’ Blue, was stolen from me last Thursday. It happened in the wee hours of the evening right on the side of my house. I even had a U-lock on and they still managed to break through it :(

I’ve had Ol’ Blue for 2 and a half years and it has been with me through the hard times and the good. It was even stolen once before and retrieved at a local Antique store down the street. That time I was able to find out who stole it and made a police report, this time around I have not been so lucky.

Ol’ Blue wasn’t the most flashy of bikes, but I loved it dearly and felt it had become a part of me. It was the perfect blend of vintage (old Schwin) and modern, with it’s white basket and bell. I’d say it’s persona was like mine, classic yet new.

The day before the bike was stolen, the May issue of Sac Mag had come out showcasing me on Ol’ Blue. When I left my house Thursday morning, (magazine in hand) I stepped out to an empty poll with only the remnants of my beloved. As I stood starring, I began to cry. I’ve learned through the years that to stay angry only hurts myself, but in that fleeting moment I was mad. I just don’t understand why people do such things. In the end, I can only hope and pray that what ever it is that makes people steal bikes will hopefully leave them so they, too, can live a better and more admirable life.

I gathered myself and walked to work. I realized that this was only a bump in the road and that things were going to be ok. My problems were minor compared to what was going on in the rest of the world at that moment.

This past weekend I got a new bike and she’s a beauty. People really blow my mind sometimes with their generosity. It warms and touches my heart. I was surprised with a bike and instead of tears of sadness I smiled ear to ear with happiness and gratitude – thank you kind friend :)

I’ll miss Ol’ Blue… But, I’ll admit that my new bike is a pretty darn good replacement for my old one. I have yet to come up with a name for her, but I’ll let you know when I do! It’s so fancy, I even have fenders – say what?!!! Side note: A lady bug flew on me while photographing with my new bike, I take that as a good sign… :)

Outfit: Vintage dress (Freestyle, $12) Ninewest heels (Goodwill, $12.50) and earrings my Momma made.


Ol’ Blue, you’ll always be loved:


My article in the May issue of Sacramento Magazine is out! (pg 29 and 30)

I have been waiting to write about this for quite some time now. Sacramento Magazine had asked me about 3 months ago if they could do a feature article on me and my thrifitng. I gladly accepted! This past week was an emotional week for me on many levels, but having the article come out Tuesday was definitely the pinnacle of my thrifting career thus far.

Emotions can run rampant sometimes, we are only human right? My emotions came from a place of remembering what it was like and what it is like now. 2 1/2 years ago I could have never imagined that someone, let alone Sacramento Magazine, would ever want to have anything to do with me. When I made the leap to finally change my life, I was then able to start mending the broken pieces that had kept me down for so long. With each piece mended, I got stronger and more confident. In 2 short years I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever knew possible. I hope that I can inspire anyone out there having a difficult time with life that things really can turn around.

As for the article, I am SO happy with it! Amy Ekhart (photographer) did a fantastic job representing my collection of thrifted pieces. (both vintage and newer pieces) I also loved how she was able to capture how proud I am to be riding my bike with heels and a dress on! Love the quote on the bottom of page 29,’I’m not going to sacrifice fashion just because I have to bike.’ Heck yeah! Also, HUGE shout out to Mari Tzikas for the wonderful article. Mari did a wonderful job describing my history with thrifting, collection, styling studio, and inspiration for it all. Thank you for mentioning my mom Mari, she really is my true inspiration and I feel so lucky to have such an artist for a mother. She is my number one fashion Guru. Oh hail to Ms Deborah/Momma ;) I’d also like to pay thanks to Mike O’Brien for giving little ol’ me a chance to show off what I love at the very core of who I am. Thrifting has become my art and finding incredible pieces for next to nothing has become my game. I love that I was able to share my thrifting tips to the great people of Sacramento. Hopefully they will find some great pieces as well! Big thanks to my make up artist Andrea Lewis too! Girl, you did a great job! You can find her business page here:

If anyone is a lover of thrifting or interested in learning how to be frugal and fabulous, please save the date and take my thrifting class on May 30th. You can purchase tickets here and some of the proceeds go to WEAVE. Now that’s a feel good class all around!

Here are some pictures of the photo shoot and the magazine:


1960’s revival? Yes please!

Hello readers! My apologies for being absent this past week. It was a crazy busy week full of highs and lows. I have a lot to catch up on!

Ok, from time to time I become completely and utterly obsessive about certain styles of clothing, eras in particular. Can you guess what era I’m obsessed with right now? The 60’s! I’ve always adored 60’s fashion, but what really took me from ‘like’ to ‘obsessed’ recently was Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013 60’s inspired lineup (please see image below) and a purchase of an original 1966 Vogue magazine from the Sacramento Antique Faire. The Vogue magazine is one of the most amazing finds I’ve ever purchased. INCREDIBLE incredible fashion, photography, history, the list goes on! (I’ll post more about it later)

I’ve been so obsessed, that I based my recent Charity Fashion show at Lucca Restaurant on the 60’s primarily. I love the vibrant colors, make up, hair styles, and Shift dresses that became popular because of Mary Quant. ( was a revolutionary and believed that it was time for young women in that era to develop their own look; treat fashion as a game. Love that!

I’m all for being modern, but I constantly look back in fashion for inspiration. The 60’s were a time when fashion went from the conservative dresses of the 50’s (I still like those, too) to the mini skirt! Women dared to play different and bend the rules. I like to fancy myself a lady who bends the rules from time to time with the intention of being different and hopefully inspiring others…

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 looks and 1966 Vogue that inspired me:


My 60’s look: Vintage 60’s inspired dress from the Sacramento Antique Faire for $5!!! Shirt, necklace, and shoes thrifted too ($5, $1.99, & $15) I love this little dress because it can be worn for the work environment and evening. Love a versatile dress!

TIPS: The tights I have on are from Forever21. (great tights, great prices – typically $5) Like the cat eye liner I have on? Would you believe it’s by Wet & Wild? It is! It’s their liquid liner that comes in a tube with a variety of colors. (under $3) Also, don’t forget to check out the Sacramento Antique Faire the 2nd Sunday of the month under the freeway at 21st and X street.


“I’ll take dresses with a side of dessert please”

Do you ever have those moments in life where it’s non stop crazy busy; be it in your job or personal life? Oh my gosh, that was me this past weekend! There was one point at work Saturday morning that I almost cried and I NEVER cry at work.

Isn’t that just life though? Where you stroll along with the greatest of ease and all of a sudden BAM! things get busy, crazy, and a tad bit tough. Life wouldn’t be fun any other way right? Well, work needless to say was very busy and a little cra cra this past weekend. (well, past two weeks really!)

As I took my break Saturday at work the sweet sweet waitress (Jessica, bless her heart) from the Cafe bought me a beautiful pink cupcake to cheer me up. That cupcake was exactly what I needed! The little treat got me to thinking about the two things in life that bring me immense joy in times of stress, depression, and blatant craziness.  Might sound silly, but it’s dresses and desserts. I’m simple like that. Phoebe depressed and not wanting to be = Phoebe putting on a dress, going out, and eating dessert. That’s exactly what I did Saturday night after my rough day. I got dolled up, went on a nice date, had an excellent dinner, and finished it with a lovely lovely dessert from The Press Bistro. Ummm, if you haven’t been there please go!

The picture below is an oldie, but I dragged it out of archives because it shows off both a dress and desserts :) The dress is Betsy Johnson ($20) and shoes are Ninewest. ($15) Both items are from Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store on 21st and L street.

Cupcakes I decorated myself to match the dress! The picture below this one is an array of all the desserts I consumed this past weekend. Ok, I also had Key Lime pie from Rick’s Dessert Diner, but forgot to take a picture :-/



My finds from the Goodwill Day after Christmas 50% off sale

I LOVE Goodwill 50% off sales and try my best to never miss them. I recently frequented the day after Christmas sale and wasn’t very hopeful that I’d find anything because I got there late. What I always recommend is that people arrive when they open at 8 am to beat the rush and get the best stuff. I unfortunately had to work and didn’t make it in till 3 pm. You know how they say, ‘when you aren’t looking you’ll find the best stuff’ – oh wait, I think that’s for men too right? ;) Well, the day after X-Mas sale was one of those days for me because I found some amazing stuff! No men found when I wasn’t looking, but some great dresses instead. Hey, sometimes that’s better  I think.

Now, I’m fully aware that I have far too many dresses and don’t need anymore. And I tried my darnedest to find other things, (I swear!) but in the end I succumbed to my dresses. Look, they make me happy ok. I love that I’m trying to justify my dress obsession to all of you guys – you get it right??

I ended up leaving with 4 dresses and an Ann Taylor cardigan. (not pictured, I forgot to photograph it because I was so engrossed with the dresses – ok maybe I do have a wee bit of problem) All together I got 5 items for less than $25. Not too bad! The next 50% off sale is on Martin Luther King’s Birthday:


My lovely dress finds:



Outfits from top picture to bottom:

Banana Republic strapless silk print dress, $7

Laundry by Shelli Segal green and white print dress, $4.50 – accessorized with a gold belt from Freestyle ($10) and a gold necklace from Goodwill (purchased on another day for $5)

Vintage no label dress, $4.50

Mossimo jean shirt dress, $4.50 – scarf purchased in Paris 7 years ago for 2 Euro (my favorite scarf of all time! What wonderful memories that scarf holds for me)