“Dream on little dreamer”…

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The Pursuit of Happiness…

In the pursuit of happiness I sometimes find myself here, there, and everywhere. This past year has honestly been a magical year and taught me to keep persevering forward no matter what.  In the past month, a whole lot of emotions, ranging from happy, contemplative, to a little sad have risen. My department of 3 at the Museum is now a department of me, myself, and I. My two co workers, Connie and Cindy, were not only fellow work mates, but two people I respected and loved dearly. Though I am beyond happy for their new adventures in life, I am a little sad. They were my family and this was the first week not having them at the office. Isn’t that life though? People come and people go and I will be forever grateful that the both of them came into my life. Cindy, thank you for giving me a chance two years ago at the Museum. You were the best boss a girl could ever ask for. I admire you for your strong work ethic, attention to detail, drive, and ability to remain calm no matter what. Connie, you were like the sister I never had growing up. To see you blossom and grow this past year warms my heart dearly. Good luck Boo Boo and I can’t wait to go to your wedding in Colorado. Image

So as you can see, the departure of my two workmates is a little bitter sweet. With their vacancies comes a whole slew of added responsibilities at the Museum. Everyone keeps coming up to me wondering if I’m ok or if I’m freaking out, and the reality is everything is going to be ok. I’m choosing to take this new opportunity as a time of growth and time to really challenge myself to think bigger. I trust that if I put in the hard work, the universe will do the rest. I am supremely grateful for the Crocker Art Museum and all that they have done for me in the last almost 3 years. It’s my turn to rise up to the occasion and be the best that I can be in the current situation. 

The Museum has inspired me over the years to really pay attention to my surroundings. I am CONSTANTLY inspired by the people who walk through the Museum doors and the art that hangs on the magnificent walls. Art is so inspiring! The colors and the shapes I see while perusing the isles send a surge of fashion fire throughout my veins. Sometimes I can’t wait to come home and figure out ways in which to compliment certain paintings that I’ve seen at work. Art really does inspire fashion and this is one of the big reasons why I stay at the Crocker – for the love of art! 

In these tough times, I have to remind myself that no matter what, everything will be ok. The Museum will continue on, art will continue to inspire people, (my fashion) and new friendships will blossom.

Speaking of art inspiring fashion, there’s a mural by my house that I have been eying for months. Every time I bike by it, I wonder how or when the right outfit might present itself for the piece. Recently it all came together and made for a very fun photo shoot. 

Outfit: Vintage scarf, (also used as a head piece sometimes) Sacramento Antique Faire, $2 – Polka dot top, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $15 – Vintage suede skirt, free at a clothing swap – Vintage purple heels, Goodwill, $5 – Vintage sunnies, Sacramento Antique Faire, $2!


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” ~ Dr. Seuss

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“We’re talking about a ‘rebel’ution”

I do prim and proper well, but from time to time I do like to spice it up with my ensembles. Guess you can say it’s my inner rebel sneaking out. Hey, I may be turning 31 on Tuesday, but I’m sure as heck not gonna let that stop me from being adventurous with my looks! Image

Something about leather skirts, leggings, and crop tops makes me feel a little sassy. I’ll be 80 years old wearing those leather leggings watch. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not! Leather leggings and massive amounts of blush :)Image

I’d say I’m 90% classic and 10% rebel – ummm, ok maybe 80/20 ;) I think the most important thing in fashion is to have fun with what you wear. You can say my clothes are my art; one day rebel, next day Phoebe Hepburn…

In honor of the original rebel, a.k.a my Momma, I’d like to give her a big thanks for being the raddest, most beautiful, and talented Mommacita out there. Giiiiiirrrrlll, I adore and love you. Happy Mother’s Day you rebel you.





White jacket, Freestyle, $25

Black crop top, Heart Boutique, $19.99

Necklace, Sei Bella Boutique, $7.99

Leather skirt, Freestyle, $15

TIP: If you are in the Roseville area, please make sure to check out Sei Bella Boutique. Such an amazing range of newer brands to vintage pieces. Located at 1950 Douglas Blvd.


Polka dot blouse, Freestyle, $15

Faux leather leggings, Thrift Town, $1.66

Ninewest heels, Goodwill, $10

Ray bans, Freestyle, $45


Connecting the dots: one shirt, two shoes, and tie at a time…

I love polka dots, you love polka dots, we ALL love polka dots! Or maybe I’m just making an assumption, but by the looks of all the magazines, blogs, and people around me, it seems we all be lovin’ us some polka dots. I guarantee if someone said they hated polka dots and wouldn’t be caught dead in them, we’d find out later that they secretly loved them and had actually been wearing polka undies and socks ;) 

For me, polka dots are very playful, bold, perfect with many colors, and most of all, they make me happy when wearing the print. I feel like twirling around, or in the case of my photos below, laughing out loud like a child. Maybe that’s what it is, the polka dot reverts me back to adolescence, when everything was carefree and easy.

Though I’m super feminine, I do like playing around with some masculine pieces in my wardrobe. For example, I like to wear some of my broaches as bow ties and from time to time, sport a tie. The polka dot blouse, shoes, and tie seemed like it would have been over kill with the print, but I felt it worked well. I especially thought it worked with the bright green pop of color in the skirt, made for a nice contrast. 

I had a lot of fun with this outfit and loved loved loved that a mural by my house matched the skirt perfectly!!! I mean, was that meant to be or what? It just amazes me how many beautiful things are around us if we just open our eyes to them. I am finding myself constantly inspired these days…


Ralph Lauren blouse, Goodwill, $10

Tie, Deseret Industries, $1.99

Green suede skirt, free at a clothing swap

Shoes, SPCA thrift, $2.50



Last week to submit to Thrift Store Runway for your chance to win $100!

Hello my fellow thrift store fashionistas! This is the last week to submit your best thrifted outfit for $50 and under on Thrift Store Runway. Every month Thrift Store Runway rewards 5 lucky winners with $100. ($500 if they get 50 or more entries!) I have been lucky and won twice now!

It’s as easy as picking out a fabulous thrifted outfit for $50 and under, take a photo in it, and click on the link below and submit!

Good luck and happy thrifting! Let me know if you have any questions :)


The Dress Fiend



Here are the 2 outfits that I’ve won in:


When thrifting pays your rent, no seriously! I won $500 for my thrifted look on thriftstorerunway.com

My good friend Amy said to me earlier, “Phoebe…are you fully cognizant of how the stars have aligned in your life?”  I can’t believe it! Well, I suppose I can because it’s all unfolding right in front of me. It all started with one little idea of sharing my passion for thrifting through a blog and  by posting my thrifted looks on thriftstorerunway.com. When I finally took the leap and started actively pursuing my dreams they started coming to fruition at first slowly, and recently VERY rapidly. This week alone I was on TV for my blog on Good Day Sacramento, was part of an amazing OZ themed wedding photo shoot, and today I get an email saying I won the thriftstorerunway.com contest for November with a prize of $500! (I also won the contest 2 months ago, but it was $100 then)

So to all my followers out there that have passions and dreams – keep putting one foot in front of the other and BELIEVE in yourself. The picture that was chosen for the contest was a polka dot Ralph Lauren blouse, leopard silk scarf, and vintage black leather skirt. What I find so cool about the win is that I had this idea in my head that leopard and polka dots might look good together. I followed my instinct, wore the prints together and Voila! my outfit gets chosen as a winner. Listen to that gut feeling my friends!

Link to the picture and site: